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Ask Amy: Mom’s needs must take a back seat

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I live two hours away and I had plans for the following two weekends. I told her I could come to see her on the third weekend.

She said that was too long to wait, and so I changed my own plans to see her sooner.

The day of the planned meeting, she was supposed to text me a time and place to meet.

I texted her at noon asking about plans. She was getting her hair cut.

The day went by and I never heard from her until 11:30 that night, when she texted me, asking what I was up to, as if we didn't have plans.

I didn't respond. We haven't communicated since.


I don't understand what the point was of going through all of that if she didn't want to meet up — when it was her idea in the first place!

It would have been better just to cancel.

– I Don't Get It

Dear I Don’t Get It: I assume that this episode might have led you to recall why you and this woman broke up all those years ago.


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