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Why don't women shave their arms? Amy explains

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Why don't women typically remove the hair on their arms (elbow to wrist)?

Not all women have hairy arms, but I've seen many women who have a decent amount of noticeable hair on their forearms.

Some women have dark hair on their arms, which is noticeable when wearing short sleeves. Even blond hair is very noticeable in the sunlight.

I'm just curious as to why women would shave their legs, but walk around with hairy arms. I'm not hating on it, I'm just curious. -- Curious Guy

Dear Curious: Maybe women don't shave their forearms because they have to work an extra sixty days a year in order to earn the same pay as a man in the same job.

That extra time spent trying to make a living really cuts into a typical woman's primping time.


As much as women enjoy shaving their legs and under arms in order to look smooth and tidy (for men), there are just so many hours in a day, my friend. But thank you for noticing and scrutinizing our arm hair. I'm sure the women of the world are relieved you're not a hater.

As a hairy-armed woman, I am intrigued by the idea, however. Maybe there are some men out there who would like to try out this trend. I'll pull together a committee of women and we'll decide if it's attractive, without hating on it (of course).

Dear Amy: About 10 years ago, my friend of 40 years borrowed a large sum of money to start a business.

The business failed, and my friend has been struggling to make ends meet ever since.


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