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Ask Amy: Age discrimination is no laughing matter

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Dear Amy: I’m a woman working in a very woman-dominated profession, as a registered nurse.

I enjoy nursing and working with my patients. I work mostly with other women — some of whom are support staff.

Some of these women are immature (to say the least). Their ages range from 30 to late 40s. I am older.

I generally focus on my job and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Two perspectives on addiction and recovery

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Dear Amy: My wife and I are in the early 70s. We are blessed with sound retirement wealth and good health, but no mental peace.

Our only son is a recovering alcohol and drug (cannabis) addict. He is married and has two infant sons.

Every few months, he relapses. Then his wife gets very upset and writes us lengthy letters asking us to intervene...Read more

Ask Amy: Newly married couple nurses gift-grudge

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Dear Amy: My partner of 28 years and I decided to finally marry (at age 70) last December.

Due to the pandemic, the ceremony was conducted on Zoom with just a very few close friends and family members.

Shortly after, I announced our marriage and posted a couple of photos on Facebook.

A week later, I received a call from my cousin, who heard ...Read more

Ask Amy: Readers respond, correcting assumptions

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Dear Amy: I am a 50-year-old woman who was adopted as an infant.

I've been reading letters from readers of yours who, when they find their birth family, are extremely disappointed with the experience.

It seems as if they expect their birth family to welcome them into the fold as if they were always there.

I had a family for 25 years and ...Read more

Ask Amy: She’s not a Bridezilla, but might be a Friendzilla

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Dear Amy: In March of 2020, right before the pandemic hit, I got married.

I was considered a Bridezilla (I disagree); I was just very set on planning my own wedding with my husband, and we didn't want or take others’ suggestions.

I have seen my own family and friends settle for what those around them wanted instead of what they wanted.

As I...Read more

Ask Amy: Baby’s mama worries she won’t find Mr. Right

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Dear Amy: I am a 35-year-old woman. I had my first child with my boyfriend eight months ago.

We were not planning on having a child together (we had only been casually dating for three months prior to the pregnancy), but he has done an amazing job in stepping up.

He does not want to get married or have any more kids.

I feel conflicted about ...Read more

Ask Amy: A house-sitting friend turns alpaca into felt

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Dear Amy: A friend recently returned from abroad. He is struggling to find a full-time job, so we let him stay at our place for a month and a half (rent-free) while we were away. We did this as a favor to him.

When we returned, we realized he had damaged a piece of furniture by using a homemade cleaning solution on it. He also turned a (very ...Read more

Ask Amy: Friendship falters over shunning

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Dear Amy: My friend, “Cynthia,” and I have been close for 24 years. For most of that time, we have met for lunch once a week (when possible). We are both women over 60.

I have a 22-year-old granddaughter, who is gay.

Cynthia has decided that I am "too accepting" of gayness in general and has told me that she can no longer be my friend.

...Read more

Ask Amy: Poorly placed tattoo causes grief

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Dear Amy: I am a 47-year-old woman. My husband, “Bart,” (age 50) and I have been together for eight years. Bart is a firefighter in a large city.

Bart has several tattoos on this left arm (a “sleeve”).

His tattoos are tasteful and well thought out.

Whenever he considers a new tattoo, he takes his ideas and rough sketch to his tattoo ...Read more

Ask Amy: Reader worries about post-pandemic relating

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Dear Amy: I am feeling anxious about a return to pre-pandemic normality and am hoping you can help me find effective ways of navigating.

My anxiety is not about health precautions like mask wearing, which I believe you have already addressed.

I am more concerned that we have all been apart for a year, with widely varying pandemic experiences, ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wife wants husband to stop being a nosy parker

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Dear Amy: My husband is taking a company “buyout” this summer, thus retiring from his job.

The concern I have is that he is nosy! He has done things in the past that have upset me and my children (he is their stepdad).

He seems to think he is entitled to go through their rooms and poke through their things, under the guise of cleaning.

He...Read more

Ask Amy: First cousin is now once-removed

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Dear Amy: A few years ago my cousin was absolutely entrenched in doing my father’s side of the family's ancestral history (our fathers were brothers).

He even went to our paternal grandfather's native country in Europe to continue his search. While there, he located many distant relatives.

Then he did his own DNA test. He did not share the ...Read more

Ask Amy: Faux ‘wedding’ is a real gamble

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Dear Amy: My oldest daughter (age 26) is engaged to be “married.” After postponing the “wedding” due to COVID, they have picked a new date.

In a casual conversation with my other daughter (age 24), I learned that the prospective bride and groom do not actually plan on getting legally married. They have found someone who has agreed to ...Read more

Ask Amy: A family secret threatens to implode

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Dear Amy: My wife’s brother recently died. A couple of weeks after the funeral, his daughter (our niece) received a letter from a half-brother that she was unaware of. The letter was addressed to her recently deceased father, from a man (his biological son), who was trying to find information about him after the death of his own adoptive ...Read more

Ask Amy: DNA discoveries bring forward tough truths

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Dear Amy: My husband and I recently had our DNA tested.

We knew people can uncover unexpected relationships, but I wish we had thought about how to cope with this before we took our tests.

Amy, both of us have discovered that we have half-siblings.

My father had two children with another woman while I was in junior high.

My husband's father ...Read more

Ask Amy: Child-averse couple faces kid kryptonite

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Dear Amy: I'm a woman in my mid-30s. My husband and I are indecisive about having kids. I’m not much of a “kid person.” He is definitely better with kids than I am.

I got along with school-age and older children well until a few years ago, when relatives on both sides started pressuring us, declaring that we were selfish or missing out on...Read more

Ask Amy: New grandmother pushes family’s boundaries

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Dear Amy: My husband and I recently welcomed our first child.

On my side of the extended family, our baby son (“Samuel”) is the fifth grandchild, but on my husband's side, he is the first.

I am trying to be sensitive to the excitement and extra attention a first grandchild receives.

My mother-in-law, “Joan," has been to our house for a ...Read more

Ask Amy: BFF friendship might have run its course

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Dear Amy: I have had a close friend for 16 years. We worked together, and she and I both went through nasty divorces, which was a bonding experience. We have sons similar in age. We both got lucky and found love again.

However, over the last several years, things have shifted. She is a chronic last-minute canceler, always with a good excuse: ...Read more

Ask Amy: Fiance’s incessant talking causes problems

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Dear Amy: My fiancé, “Albert,” talks nonstop. He will talk about any and every subject, regardless of the situation or the audience.

He doesn't care if anyone is interested in what he is saying.

He will tell endless stories — it is just one story after another.

The subject doesn’t matter. It doesn't matter if he has told the same ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sexting inspires unkind comparisons

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Dear Amy: My wife's best friend recently went through a period where she was unhappy in her marriage.

She began sexting with willing male partners and then sharing some of the pictures she had received with my wife.

I know about this because my wife asked me to fix the Wi-Fi on her phone.

While I was working on her phone, her friend texted ...Read more



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