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Ask Amy: Disabled woman disturbs party guests

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I’m a widower, and my significant other, “Siena,” is a widow.

Long ago, we dated in college (semi-seriously) for a couple years, but “life” got in the way and we drifted apart.

We married other people. Both of our spouses are deceased.

Decades later, we are now in a wonderful relationship.

Last year I brought Siena to my daughter’s big annual family get-together. We had a great time. We felt welcome (we thought); but this year, it all changed.

I received a text from my daughter inviting me, but not Siena, to the party.


I texted-back, “What about Siena?”

She replied that some of her husband’s family members were uncomfortable with Siena’s attendance.

Here’s the “kicker” … Siena had Polio long ago (as a child), completely paralyzing both of her legs; and she uses long-leg braces and aluminum forearm crutches to walk.

I was told that “some” of last year’s attendees were “worried” that she’d trip over the young children scurrying about, but we believe that wasn’t the real reason.


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