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Ask Amy: American uncle worries about footing the bill

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Some of my family members are going to have a mini family reunion in Paris in a few months – the city where my brother lives.

My brother’s son, wife and their two young children will be flying to Paris from Istanbul, and I will be flying in from the USA.

My nephew’s family and I will be staying at the same hotel.

Several times my brother has mentioned that his son and family are coming to Paris "especially to see the uncle from America."

So, in light of those repeated comments, do you think it would be necessary or rather the right thing to do for me to pay for my nephew and family's hotel bill during their week's visit in Paris?

And yes, I can afford to pay – but do I need to?


– Dan in LA

Dear Dan: Thank you for asking a question that will be met by a universal sigh: “What a nice problem to have.”

Your nephew and family are traveling for a family reunion, which will include his father (grandparent to the children). Presumably these family members have spent time together previously.

I infer that your nephew and his wife have not spent much (if any) time with you and that their children have possibly never met you.


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