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Ask Amy: Conference attendee has a professional beef

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I attended a professional conference recently.

The attendees from my company were the president, the executive director, a co-worker, and myself.

The president and executive director invited my co-worker and myself out for dinner.

During these large conventions, it is rare to be able to sit down for more than 20 minutes and have a balanced meal. This made the dinner event really nice for us, and I appreciated it.

Prior to ordering, the conversation turned to, “What will you have?”

When I stated that I wanted the chicken soup, I was scolded by my coworker, who exclaimed: “These people are vegetarian!” (gesturing to the president and executive director). This was not stated discreetly.


Was it wrong of me to order the meal I wanted and that would sustain me for the five hours of events taking place after dinner?

Do my dietary restrictions and concerns take a back seat when the boss is picking up the tab?

– Need Protein to Function

Dear Need Protein: Your co-worker took the opportunity to demonstrate an advanced level of personal knowledge of your bosses, in order to curry flavor (excuse the pun) with these professional superiors.


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