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Ask Amy: College student should go to summer camp

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I’m a sophomore in college. My girlfriend and I met on campus at the beginning of the school year and have been together for six months (we’re both women).

We’re making plans for this summer – we’re both looking into working at a beach resort near our college.

Every summer I go to a reunion at my summer camp. This is a camp I went to for most of my childhood and through my teens. I was a counselor there for three years. The reunion week is a time when we former campers go back to camp to perform some maintenance tasks and help to prepare the camp for the summer.

I really enjoy doing this work and I like seeing my fellow campers and staff. It’s a really special experience for me.

My girlfriend is having a tough time with my decision to take this week away this summer. She says she will miss me too much and she is heavily hinting that I shouldn’t do it.

I’m wondering what you think.


– Camper for Life

Dear Camper: I think your girlfriend is really into you. I also think she is trying to manipulate and control you.

A week apart can seem like a very long time when you are in the first throes of attachment. But – that’s the way it goes.

Your girlfriend should not pressure you to forgo something that is so important to you.


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