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Marijuana itself not an ideal anxiety treatment option

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am hoping you can weigh in on the use of cannibidiol (hemp-derived) for managing anxiety. My son has diagnoses of major depression and ADD. He has done a lot of online research and is interested in using CBD to manage periods where his anxiety is elevated, as he does not like the side effects of the typical pharma meds. We were...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Beef in Oyster Sauce with Chinese Noodles

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Beef stir-fried and flavored with oyster sauce is a typical Chinese dish. It takes a few minutes to prepare the ingredients, but only five minutes to stir-fry them. Oyster sauce is a tasty condiment to have on hand. Use it to flavor meat, vegetables and other stir-fry dishes.

Helpful Hints:

-- Bottom round steak is sometimes called London ...Read more

Finding the right osteoporosis medication

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Dear Mayo Clinic: The bisphosphonate drugs I take for osteoporosis aren't working in my case. My doctor has suggested a few alternatives. Any thoughts on what might be best?

A: Oral bisphosphonate drugs -- including alendronate (Fosamax), risedronate (Actonel and Atelvia) and ibandronate (Boniva) -- are the most commonly prescribed osteoporosis...Read more

Women's wellness: The hysterectomy decision

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You need a hysterectomy ... what approach is best for you?

One of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in the U.S. is the hysterectomy. There are many different approaches to completion of this surgery, including vaginal, laparoscopic, robotic and abdominal. Each method has differences that can make it either the right or wrong ...Read more

Head-to-toe tips for a safer Halloween

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Injuries can end up being the Halloween trick nobody wants. Every year, ill-fitting costumes are blamed for cuts, lacerations and fractures that send disappointed trick-or-treaters to the emergency department.

There are some simple things you can do before Halloween to lessen the chances of bumps in the night.

It's all Halloween fun from the ...Read more

Trump acting solo: What you need to know about changes to the health law

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WASHINGTON--Apparently frustrated by Congress' inability to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump this week decided to take matters into his own hands.

Late Thursday evening, the White House announced it would cease key payments to insurers. Earlier on Thursday, Trump signed an executive order aimed at giving ...Read more

While Trump moves to dismantle health law, public favors repair

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WASHINGTON--President Donald Trump has collided with a wave of public disagreement by moving to strip the Affordable Care Act of provisions intended to keep insurance prices stable.

In a poll conducted before Trump's Thursday announcement of unilateral changes to the law, 71 percent of the public said they preferred the administration try to ...Read more

Trump takes over Obamacare political risks with end of subsidies

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WASHINGTON -- After months of pinning the blame for Obamacare's shortcomings on Democrats and watching his own party fail to act, President Donald Trump just took ownership of a struggle that's consumed Republicans for seven years.

Trump's decision late Thursday to end government subsidies to insurers to help lower-income Americans afford to ...Read more

Trump health care move threatens sharply higher premiums, market chaos

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's move late Thursday to cut off critical federal payments to health insurers sent shock waves through the health care system Friday, threatening widespread disruption to markets nationwide and igniting new legal and political battles over the Affordable Care Act.

Caught in the middle are millions of ...Read more

'Call me,' Trump tells Democrats after nixing Obamacare subsidies

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WASHINGTON -- "Call me."

That was the message early Friday morning from President Donald Trump to Democrats after he drew their ire late Thursday night for canceling subsidies they immediately said would drive up insurance premiums.

Trump took to Twitter even earlier than usual, 5:36 a.m., to boast about his decision, which Democrats and some ...Read more

Nutrition News: Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

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Breast cancer seems to have touched everyone in one way or another -- whether a relative or friend or yourself. I'm thankful my mom is a two-time survivor.

To mark National Breast Cancer Month in October, the American Institute of Cancer Research highlights a finding from its recent report -- mothers who breastfeed have lower risk of breast ...Read more

Without pancreas, fat passes all the way through the body

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am 57 and generally in good health. My doctor diagnosed me with chronic pancreatitis, after I had weight loss with diarrhea, and was found to have fat in my stool. The CT scan showed that I have a 12-mm stone blocking my pancreatic duct. He said I have chronic pancreatitis. My doctor says I need surgery to remove the stone.

Is...Read more

Get zinc!

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You might think you've had enough of zinc, but we're not talking about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who flew from Nevada to Montana at your expense ($12,375) on a private plane owned by the executives of a Wyoming oil-and-gas-exploration firm. When it comes to the micronutrient zinc, well, chances are you actually need more of it!

Several ...Read more

First locally transmitted Zika case recorded in Florida in 2017

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MIAMI--Florida's first locally transmitted case of Zika in 2017 was confirmed in Manatee County on Thursday, the state health department reported.

Health officials said they have no additional evidence that mosquitoes are spreading the virus in Manatee County, which is on the Gulf Coast, south of St. Petersburg and Tampa. But the health ...Read more

Trump issues order to deregulate health insurance, promising 'Obamacare relief'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump moved Thursday to scale back rules on health insurance across the country in the administration's most ambitious effort to date to use its regulatory powers to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

The controversial new executive order Trump issued aims to open the way for a greater number of relatively cheap ...Read more

Even excessive calorie intake can't help reader regain weight

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am 66 and have always been in good health. I walk four or five times a week and do mild weight training two or three times a week. I eat a very healthy diet.

I have low testosterone (339). My symptoms are insomnia, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, anxiety and weight loss. I cannot maintain my weight. My normal weight is ...Read more

Let sleeping dogs -- and their masters -- lie

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President John F. Kennedy's family had several dogs that cuddled with Caroline and John-John (as well as a beer-swilling rabbit that was a gift from a magician) while they were in Washington. Calvin Coolidge had nine canines lodged in the White House's family quarters. And the Obamas' Portuguese water dog, Bo, was allowed to sleep on the bed ...Read more

Breast cancer is more visible than ever, but young survivors fight to be seen

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MIAMI -- Valerie Bunt doesn't look like your typical breast cancer survivor.

A mother to a thriving 8-year-old, Bunt usually spends her days working in her family's legal headhunting firm and caring for her daughter. She has long brown hair, with no evidence of the toll of chemotherapy. And strangers don't know about the surgery scars that ...Read more

'Quietest place on Earth' finds purpose in healing humans

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Inside this small room -- lined on all six sides with deep, fiberglass spikes -- there is no background noise. No sounds from the street, the vents, the outside world. Only silence.

But in that silence, many visitors find their own bodies become quite noisy.

Sitting in this anechoic chamber, they suddenly hear their blood flow, ...Read more

California slaps surcharge on ACA plans as Trump remains coy on subsidies

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LOS ANGELES -- California's health exchange said Wednesday it has ordered insurers to add a surcharge to certain policies next year because the Trump administration has yet to commit to paying a key set of consumer subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

The decision to impose a 12.4 percent surcharge on silver-level health plans in 2018 means...Read more