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Myths about fentanyl spread more prolifically online than articles correcting them, study finds

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PHILADELPHIA - News articles containing misinformation about fentanyl - falsely suggesting that people can overdose and die from simply touching the synthetic opioid - are shared and spread far more widely on social media than stories that attempt to correct such myths, a new study from researchers at Northeastern University finds.

Fentanyl has...Read more

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Herd immunity could protect us from COVID-19 — in theory. Infectious disease experts explain

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As the United States surpassed 200,000 coronavirus deaths recently, many are asking one simple question: When will it end?

Politicians and public health experts have touted herd immunity as one way to stop COVID-19 without a vaccine. The scientific concept explains that a virus will die out after a high percentage of a population is infected ...Read more

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COVID-19 response, health-care costs, pre-existing conditions top health concerns for voters

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The coronavirus pandemic, health-care costs, and insurance protections for preexisting conditions are top health-care concerns for voters in Pennsylvania and other battleground states - and ones they believe Vice President Joe Biden is more likely to address, according to a new survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

Health care is consistently a top ...Read more

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Family donates 116-year-old diary to historical society

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ST. LOUIS - Stephen Phelps calls it the "family bible," the "holy grail" that has survived 116 years and three generations of family members. But now the family bible, a 132-page diary of the 1904 World's Fair written by Phelps' grandmother, Adele Quinette, has found a new home.

Last Monday, the Phelps family parted ways with the keepsake ...Read more

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With the pandemic, parents and educators embrace outdoor preschools. Many hope the move will be permanent

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CHICAGO - On a hazy September afternoon near a willow tree, a boy with a bright red backpack spotted something slimy on the ground.

"Hello, all the mushrooms," he said, gently tapping the fungus, trying not to crush any as his small feet moved through the grass.

A teacher asked why they might be growing in that spot. The boy thought for a ...Read more

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Balancing Act: 5-year-old Alabama girl is in Chicago for life-saving surgery. COVID-19 has complicated every step of the way

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CHICAGO - Anne Marie Calligas was born fighting.

She arrived two months early, after a complicated pregnancy, and spent her first months of life battling congenital heart defects, hypertension, problems with her kidneys and bleeding in her young brain.

Her parents, Catherine and Louis Calligas, and her older sister, Isabel, grew quickly ...Read more

Cardio rehab is best done with your partner

"Mike & Molly" was a sitcom about a couple who fell in love after meeting at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Throughout the series, they supported each other's commitment to get their health on track. But when out of view of one another, they each tended to cheat on their commitment to lose weight.

New research presented at the European ...Read more

What is the best walking speed for weight loss?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm quite overweight, with some physical mobility and fatigue issues because of autoimmune-related inflammatory arthritis. Some days, I can get about a block at a fairly brisk pace but I have to stop for a few minutes because of the pain in my legs, pelvis and back or I will fall down. Other days, I can get two or three blocks at...Read more

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Democrats focus Pennsylvania campaign on existential threat to health law

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WASHINGTON - For almost four years, Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., had told anyone who will listen - sometimes smaller audiences than he would prefer - that he believes the Affordable Care Act faces existential threats. President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress, he warned, have attempted to repeal the decade-old health law and chipped away at ...Read more

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Fastest-growing US job failed to lift pay for Black women

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WASHINGTON - A job in home-based health care, America's quickest-growing industry, felt like a step up the ladder for Shawanna Ferguson when she left her fast-food job a decade ago. But in terms of pay and security, it didn't turn out to be much of an advance.

It's taken a public-health emergency to shine a spotlight on the precarious ...Read more

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Local health officials worry CDC has 'lost its soul'

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WASHINGTON - As Dr. Mark Wilson prepared to release advice in July that middle schools and high schools in Birmingham, Alabama, should not open for in-person learning this fall, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its position and issued the opposite recommendation.

Wilson, chief health officer for Birmingham and the ...Read more

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Hot Property: Comic Kathy Griffin looks to cash out in Bel-Air

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LOS ANGELES - Kathy Griffin is staging a sale in Bel-Air, putting her gated Mediterranean mansion on the market for $15.995 million. That's about $5.5 million more than she paid for it four years ago.

The Emmy-winning comedian kept things mostly the same during her stay, as the 13,377-square-foot home features grand living spaces with dramatic ...Read more

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Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be 'super-agers'

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The presidential candidates and their supporters will likely keep belittling the other guy as a doddering old fool, but a group of geriatric experts say in a new paper that both President Trump and challenger Joe Biden appear to have the physical and cognitive tools to make it through four years in the White House.

In fact, the two candidates' ...Read more

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Why Obamacare might survive the Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court might not be as ready to wipe out the full 2010 health care law as its ideological balance would suggest, even if a new conservative justice fills the seat of the reliably liberal late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Trump administration and a coalition of Republican-led states have asked the Supreme Court to ...Read more

Nutrition News: Silver Linings

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COVID-19 has changed the way we buy groceries and make meals. Data suggests that we are eating more at home, shop for groceries online more and are more concerned about preparing foods that support our immunity.

A survey for Kroger found 51% of respondents are cooking and baking more often than before the crisis; 40% say they are eating more ...Read more

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Wildfires endanger those with chronic illnesses

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While I was out on a late-night walk with my dog during the record heat wave in Los Angeles that helped fuel the West Coast fires, a neighbor pointed to the sky and asked if I'd seen the moon. I glanced upward, looking for a white globular shape.

Instead, I saw what looked like Mars. The moon was red.

Five days later, I was reading my media ...Read more


Quinn on Nutrition: Question about 'natural flavors'

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Dear Barbara,

My reason for emailing you other than telling you your articles are very helpful is about natural flavors. I try to only eat organic foods so when I see natural flavors in the ingredients I don't know why. Organic stevia has natural flavorings in it. Organic crackers have it. Why? What is it? Is it all the same in everything? Is ...Read more

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They saw poverty and sickness, so these doctors moved into the neighborhood

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DALLAS - Robert Garcia sat on an examination table, his hands in his lap with his fingers laced together. He looked at ease even though he was at the doctor's office.

The 61-year-old considers his doctor a friend - in addition to someone who cares about his health and whom he trusts to treat him well.

"They helped with my medicines and some ...Read more


The latest activity popular during the pandemic: writing your will

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MINNEAPOLIS - Along with bread baking, bike riding and playing board games, add this to the list of things that have become more popular during the pandemic: writing your will.

Several local lawyers specializing in trust and estate work say the number of people coming to them to prepare a will has shot up 20 to 35% since the COVID-19 virus hit....Read more

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James Lileks: I come not to praise vinyl but to scratch it

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News story: Sales of vinyl records have overtaken CDs. You think: They've sold 11 records this year, and only 10 CDs?

No. About $232 million worth of records were sold, and $129.9 million in CDs.

Who, you ask, is buying records? Grandma getting fresh copies of her Living Strings "Songs for Getting Misty-eyed About Vague Recollections" series? ...Read more