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Severe exertion intolerance may be chronic fatigue syndrome

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My husband is tired all the time. He functions but frequently has to sit to recoup his energy, even after a shower.

He is diabetic and has been for over 10 years. He does not take insulin and manages to keep his A1C within 7.1 to 6.9. He weighs 207 pounds, and he's 6 feet, 1 inch tall and 75 years old.

His bloodwork always ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Camping nutrition

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It's always nice when things fall together. Especially on vacation. Our recent trip to a state park with dogs and horses in tow was a good example. After a few minor delays I won't go into, we set out to ride and relax.

Food? The same rules for nutrition (let's call them guidelines...this was a special occasion, after all) apply away from home:...Read more

Treatment for toenail fungus isn't always necessary

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I am in my late 50s, and a few of my toenails have turned a yellowish color and seem to have thickened. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A: What you're likely experiencing is a fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infections are common, especially among older adults. As nail ...Read more

A trio of Trump rules will remake US health insurance markets

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump's attempt to transform American health insurance is almost complete.

Twenty months ago, frustrated after attempts to repeal Obamacare fell apart in the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump pledged to use executive power to do what Congress failed to legislate. An executive order set in motion regulations to ...Read more

Nutrition News: Lowering Your Risk for Heart Disease

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My mother suffered from heart disease most of her life, and eventually the disease took her life. We went through stents, heart surgery, two pacemakers, replacement valves -- the best that medical care could give her. Could a change in her diet have made a difference?

I read with interest new research from the American Heart Association that ...Read more

People of all ages are susceptible to HPV infection

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I read your recent column stating that the HPV vaccine is recommended up to age 45. Are people older than 45 years no longer susceptible to HPV? Asking for a 52-year-old friend (who thinks he's Wolverine). -- C.F.

ANSWER: Wolverine has a mutant healing ability (that's how he was able to survive having his bones replaced with ...Read more

Caring for family caregivers of dementia patients

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In the 2015 film "Still Alice," Julianne Moore plays a beautiful and successful woman who's diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. The film tracks her journey with compassion and honesty, and provides a startling picture of the often-overlooked toll that dementia takes on family caregivers.

There are approximately 16 million caregivers...Read more

Slow down the calorie counting: Personalized diets could be the future of healthy eating, study suggests

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People often speak about fad diets the way they speak about exes: intensely, specifically, intimately. Atkins, Dukan, Paleo, baby food. None last, though lasting is promised, and all feed a cycle of shame for the dieter, who can never seem to make it work.

According to a recent study led by researchers from King's College London, Massachusetts ...Read more

Why so many older Americans rate their health as good or even excellent

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A common myth about aging is that older adults are burdened by illness and feel lousy much of the time. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Most seniors report feeling distinctly positive about their health.

Consider data from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey (the most recent available), administered by the U.S. Centers for Disease ...Read more

How do you find prostate cancer without screening for it?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: Every year, I used to get a physical, which included a prostate exam as well as blood tests with PSA. When my doctor retired, I had a hard time finding a new one I liked. It has been three or four years since my prostate was checked, but my new doctor doesn't do the prostate exams (I am 63). He says that recent studies do not ...Read more

Taking a bite out of your cancer risk

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

The Cleveland Browns are a bit defensive about their recent record -- even though it improved last year, they've won only eight games in the past three seasons! But coach Freddie Kitchens is confident that Cleveland's new players, defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, defensive end Olivier Vernon and safety Morgan Burnette, will make a difference...Read more

Mayo mindfulness: Improve your well-being

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Mindfulness is the act of being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling at every moment -- without interpretation or judgment.

Spending too much time planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, or thinking negative or random thoughts can be draining. It can also make you more likely to experience stress, anxiety and symptoms of ...Read more

Dietary supplements are a waste of money for most seeking to avoid dementia, experts say

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Sales of purported brain-health supplements such as fish oil and jellyfish are expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2023, but in a report released recently, an AARP panel of brain experts called them a huge waste of money for healthy seniors seeking to avoid or reverse dementia.

"The market is so large they get by without rigorous documentation of...Read more

Trump administration rule would undo health care protections for LGBTQ patients

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A new Trump administration proposal would change the civil rights rules dictating whether providers must care for patients who are transgender or have had an abortion. Supporters of the approach say it protects the freedom of conscience, but opponents say it encourages discrimination.

The sweeping proposal has implications for all Americans, ...Read more

Teasing's Terrible Twist

Health / Scott LaFee /

Teens who said they were teased or ridiculed about their weight increased their body mass by 33% each year compared to teens who had not been teased, according to a new national study.

The study followed 110 young people for 15 years, beginning at an average age of 11. All were either overweight (a body mass index above the 85th percentile) ...Read more

Get pumped up the healthy way

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Hans and Franz, the Austrian bodybuilders (Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon) on "SNL," started each sketch with their tag line: "We want to pump (clap) you up!" Those characters first appeared in 1987, and it was, says the National Drug Abuse Institute, the decade when many everyday jocks started using steroids to enhance their muscle mass. Now, ...Read more

Heart wall can thicken in response to high blood pressure

Health / Keith Roach /

DEAR DR. ROACH: What is the difference between eccentric LVH and concentric LVH? Which one is more dangerous and needs more attention? My mother was diagnosed with severe eccentric LVH for body surface area with adequate systolic and diastolic functions. What does that mean? -- C.F.

ANSWER: The left ventricle is the chamber of the heart that ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: When can cataract surgery wait?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I was just diagnosed with a cataract, but it's not bothering me at all. Is it a good idea to have cataract surgery now, or can I wait? What is the recovery from this surgery like?

A: It's not uncommon for a cataract to develop slowly, so you may not notice vision problems right away or the problems may be minimal. Eventually, ...Read more

Study: Women's health worsened over 5 years after being denied an abortion

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States across the country are tightening regulations on abortion providers in the name of protecting women's health. But a long-term study of women who sought abortions has found that those who ended their pregnancies reported slightly better health than their counterparts who requested the procedure but were denied.

The findings, reported ...Read more

Trump's chief of Medicare discusses 'Medicare for All,' Obamacare and drug prices in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- As the nation inches closer to the 2020 presidential election, issues with the U.S. health care system are moving into the spotlight.

At stake: the future of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare; proposals to expand "Medicare for All"; and ideas to target high drug prices. They're all topics sure to spark fierce debate in...Read more