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Serving up a solution to underserved fruits and vegetables

Quarterback Tom Brady may be the GOAT, but he also wins a prize for being NEAT (nutritionally excellent at all times). His daily diet includes a morning smoothie with lots of fruit, nuts and seeds, a lunch loaded with vegetables and a piece of fish, and a vegetable-centered dinner. Snacks during the day may include grapes, bananas, apples, ...Read more

UTI causes stark changes in body temperature regulation

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 80-year-old man in relatively good health. I don't smoke or drink, and I have a vegetarian diet. I exercise moderately, and I am not overweight. About 30 years ago, I contracted a serious UTI that affected me while at work. I was very cold, shivering with chattering teeth.

Luckily, the local fire department was there for...Read more

Medicaid coverage is expiring for millions of Americans – but there's a proven way to keep many of them insured

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The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work.

Getting everyone who is eligible for free or discounted health insurance to sign up for it requires making it as easy as possible to enroll – and that convenience especially matters for young, healthy and low-income people. Those are the key findings of a recent ...Read more

Ultra-processed foods – like cookies, chips, frozen meals and fast food – may contribute to cognitive decline

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Scientists have known for years that unhealthy diets – particularly those that are high in fat and sugar – may cause detrimental changes to the brain and lead to cognitive impairment.

Many factors that contribute to cognitive decline are out of a person’s control, such as genetics and socioeconomic factors. But ongoing research ...Read more

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Researchers say AI could help reduce disparities, improve access in health care

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BALTIMORE — Cervical cancer, like many illnesses, is treatable if it’s caught early, but each year millions of women miss out on getting routine Pap smear screening for the disease, which kills a disproportionate number of Black women.

During the pandemic, cervical cancer screening rates got even worse, especially for lower-income women and...Read more

A new vaccine appears to treat deadly brain cancer

Senator Ted Kennedy, in 2009, and his friend, Senator John McCain, in 2018, died on the same day from glioblastoma. Glioblastoma accounts for almost half of malignant brain tumors and affects men more than women -- at an average age of 64. Survival in year two after diagnosis is only 17%.

That's why the recent breakthrough treatment developed ...Read more

Exercise treatment for arthritis only applies to osteoarthritis

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DEAR DR. ROACH: You recently had a column on arthritis that recommended more activity. So, what medications can help? You didn't say in your article. I take a slow-release Tylenol, but I heard of a study that says tart cherry pills help. -- B.L.

ANSWER: Tart cherry juice has been shown to reduce the risk of gout, a type of arthritis caused by ...Read more

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Opening arguments begin in Outcome Health fraud trial in Chicago

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The former leaders of Outcome Health were greedy fraudsters, the government alleged during opening arguments in their criminal trial Monday morning, while defense attorneys described them as earnest executives who were deceived by their underlings.

The three defendants — former Outcome Health CEO Rishi Shah, president Shradha Agarwal and ...Read more

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Latino teens are deputized as health educators to sway the unvaccinated

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Classmates often stop Alma Gallegos as she makes her way down the bustling hallways of Theodore Roosevelt High School in southeast Fresno, California. The 17-year-old senior is frequently asked by fellow students about COVID-19 testing, vaccine safety, and the value of booster shots.

Alma earned her reputation as a trusted source of information...Read more


Eating grapes might protect you against sunburn, skin cancer

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When you’re packing for the pool or beach this summer, don’t forget your towel, your sunscreen — and your grapes.

Why grapes? According to a recent study, eating grapes can protect you against ultraviolet skin damage.

More than 3 million Americans are affected by skin cancer each year, the study’s authors wrote, largely as a result of ...Read more

Exercise intensity -- what we know and don't know

Robert Pattinson went through very high-intensity preparation for his role in "Good Time." He says he, "lived in the same basement apartment [as the character] in Harlem. I never opened my curtains, didn't change the sheets the entire time I was there ... and I would sleep in my clothes."

That may be a good plan if you're hoping for an Oscar, ...Read more

Recreational tianeptine has potential for abuse, overdose

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I've been hearing about tianeptine being sold at gas stations. Is it really dangerous? -- S.F.

ANSWER: Like so many substances, tianeptine can be a useful drug when prescribed and taken correctly (it's used in several countries for depression), but is indeed dangerous when used recreationally. Its use has been banned in several ...Read more


On Nutrition: More on peanut butter

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A recent column on hydrogenated fats in peanut butter brought these responses:

“I read recently, in my local paper, your long answer to a question about fat in peanut butter. The peanut butter I eat frequently, I make at my food co-op simply by grinding their shelled, organic peanuts. How does my peanut butter rate health-wise in terms of fat...Read more

LA's long, troubled history with urban oil drilling is nearing an end after years of health concerns

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Los Angeles had oil wells pumping in its neighborhoods when Hollywood was in its infancy, and thousands of active wells still dot the city.

These wells can emit toxic chemicals such as benzene and other irritants into the air, often just feet from homes, schools and parks. But now, after nearly a decade of community organizing and ...Read more

Nutrition News: Keto? No!

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A recent comprehensive analysis of the keto diet in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition finds it may not live up to all its popularity. The review found that keto diets place certain groups, such as pregnant women and people with kidney disease, at risk of adverse health effects.

The review, "Ketogenic Diets and Chronic Disease: Weighing the ...Read more

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Fact check: Are viral videos showing COVID-19 vaccine side effects accurate?

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Videos appearing to show people experiencing severe side effects after allegedly receiving COVID-19 vaccines are making the rounds on social media as part of a renewed push from anti-vaccine movements to cast doubt on safety.

Twitter users have shared videos of people who’ve claimed to have experienced tremors, seizures, paralysis, and other ...Read more

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Mayo Clinic Q and A: Understanding ear infections

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 4-year-old daughter already has had three ear infections this winter. When she isn't feeling well, our entire family is miserable. The pediatrician says she may continue to get more infections and it is just her body. Why do some kids get ear infections so easily? And is there anything I can do to prevent the infections and ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q and A: What is degenerative disk disease?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I've been struggling with back stiffness and pain for a long time, but it has gotten worse in the last few years. My doctor told me that I have degenerative disk disease. What exactly does that mean? Is it common and what can I do to feel better?

ANSWER: Degenerative disk disease is a common cause of back pain. Our spinal ...Read more

New medication for Type 2 diabetes has so far proven safe

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DEAR DR. ROACH: Please give me your opinion on the drug Rybelsus. It is advertised on TV as a wonder drug to reduce the A1C count for diabetics. My last A1C level was 6.8. My only problem with taking Rybelsus is that, in the package insert (or medication guide), it reads "not recommended as the first choice of medicine for treating diabetes." ...Read more

Seeing red about this red food additive

Jose Tomas, a famous Spanish bullfighter, waves a bright red cape at a bull to make it angry. President Kennedy's father Joe saw red as a way to level the playing field. He said, "Whenever you are sitting across from an important person, picture him sitting there in a suit of long red underwear. That's the way I always operated in business."

...Read more