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It's What Happens Next That Counts

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For perhaps the first time ever, there are more overweight or obese people in the world than people who are underweight. A study that analyzed data collected from 1975 to 2014 involving 19.2 million adults in 186 countries found that the proportion of obese men worldwide tripled to roughly 11 percent. For women, it doubled to 15 percent.

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Pain and Function Improve Following Bariatric Surgery

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

During the Gold Rush of the 1840s and 50s, pioneers in wagon trains littered the Oregon Trail, especially in western Kansas and Colorado, with clothes, books, kitchenware and wooden crates in order to make it over the Rocky Mountains. They had no choice but to lighten their load if they were going to complete their journey to the Pacific Coast. ...Read more

'Triple Negative' Breast Cancer Is More Aggressive

Health / Keith Roach /

DEAR DR. ROACH: One of my relatives has been diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 triple-negative breast cancer. Her death sentence is chemotherapy every two weeks for eight weeks, and then every week for 20 weeks! What is your opinion on this kind of chemotherapy? Isn't there some therapy safer than this? -- R.I.

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Medical errors are No. 3 cause of death in the US, after heart disease and cancer

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Heart disease, cancer ... and medical errors?

A new tally of mistakes made in American hospitals suggests that medical errors are the No. 3 cause of death in the U.S. At least 250,000 deaths each year can be attributed to medical care that has gone awry, according to a report published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal.

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Pediatric researchers suggest potential dangers for children from cellphone exposure

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BALTIMORE--Doctors and scientists from Harvard and Yale medical schools warned Tuesday that pregnant mothers limit their unborn babies exposure to potentially harmful radiation by keeping cellphones away from their tummies because of the possible effect on brain development.

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Bikinis and Tank Tops: The Beauty of Strength Training

Health / Marilynn Preston /

Summer is around the corner, and so are bikinis, tank tops, shorts, short shorts -- all in bright colors and zippy designs that often reveal doughy arms and generous thighs. Summer sports will not take them away.

You can play tennis till the cows come home, run to Cleveland and back every weekend, hike, bike and surf, and still the most ...Read more

Let's Hear it For Raspberries

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In the 1890s, Cockney rhyming slang coined the phrase "raspberry tart" as a substitute for the socially unacceptable word "fart." But while that linguistic game may have amused some and spared others offense, it seems hardly fair to the never-stinky, goodness-packed fruit!

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Post-Surgery Incontinence Takes Time To Improve

Health / Keith Roach /

DEAR DR. ROACH: I had a DaVinci prostatectomy 11 months ago. I can sit or stand for hours with no problem, but then sitting on the floor to play with my dog causes me to leak. I realize that getting on the floor or any other bending squeezes my bladder, thus causing a leak. So does a cough or a sneeze. A heavy lift also can trigger leakage. I ...Read more

Tutti Fruti

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Even today's millennials would have a hard time sitting still while listening to Little Richard sing, "Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom. Tutti frutti, aw rooty!" Tutti frutti was a popular ice-cream flavor at the time, and as corny as it sounds today, all fruit (that's a rough translation from the Italian!) is as up-to-date a solution to ...Read more

"Adrenal Fatigue" Not Always Used Accurately

Health / Keith Roach /

DEAR DR. ROACH: I had apoplexy, a ruptured pituitary tumor, developed panhypopituitarism, then adrenal insufficiency. I am doing fairly well with cortisol replacement, thyroid supplement and oral diabetic medicine. My problem is exhaustion that comes on very easily. I have other ailments to blame, too -- chronic pain from fibromyalgia and ...Read more

These diet changes may reduce risk of colon cancer

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Can changing your diet reduce your risk of colorectal cancer?

Dr. Scott Strong, surgical director of Northwestern Medicine's Digestive Health Center, said it certainly can't hurt.

Some simple changes such as increasing your fiber intake and reducing your consumption of red meat might reduce your risk factor.

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Diabetes Quick Fix: Italian Hero Sandwich

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Heros, submarines, hoagies -- call them what you like. These American sandwiches are bigger than life. This one is easy to make for lunch or light supper and doesn't break the carbohydrate budget.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of lean deli meat can be used.

-- Fresh arugula and basil can be added.


-- Prepare ingredients.

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Zika virus linked to previous outbreaks in Haiti

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Two months after Haiti confirmed it was having an outbreak of the painful mosquito-borne virus chikungunya in 2014, Haitians began complaining about a new fever epidemic and wondered whether it was Zik or Zika, the other virus carried by the same mosquito.

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Eat Your Broccoli

Health / Nutrition News /

Research shows that eating broccoli three to five times per week can lower the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancers. A new study from the University of Illinois finds that including broccoli in the diet may also protect against liver cancer.

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Nutrition News: Farm-Raised or Wild Salmon?

Health / Nutrition News /

Looking to boost your omega 3s? Both farm-raised and wild salmon are good choices. But which is better? Farmed Atlantic salmon, it turns out, outranks wild Pacific salmon, with 20 percent to 70 percent more omega-3 fat per serving. However, if you want fewer calories and more protein, wild salmon comes out the winner, according to Leslie Beck, a...Read more

Sensory Stroke Does Not Cause Weakness

Health / Keith Roach /

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 84-year-old male in excellent health. In 2009, I had a stroke, which the doctors called a "sensory stroke." I was told that I was very lucky to come out of it with no paralysis. What I do have is partial numbness on my left side, especially in my left arm, hand and side of my face. I don't have any pain. The doctor ...Read more

Waist Not Want Not

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

The "Ziggy" cartoonist Tom Wilson once wrote: "A waist is a terrible thing to mind." And boy, was he right! But if you've lost your waist and really want to get it back, you won't mind doing the work. You'll be wasting belly fat and reclaiming a younger RealAge! That's why, despite the challenge, it's something to embrace -- and then you'll be ...Read more

Spring into better health: the freezer edition

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"Thinking about what is in the bottom of your freezer and what year it was frozen can be overwhelming," says Amanda Leisenheimer, registered dietitian at Mayo Clinic Health System. "While freezing foods helps prolong the shelf life, frozen food can still expire. It's important to go through your freezer at least once a year and throw away any ...Read more

The pesky facts about bedbugs

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A recent study found that bedbugs, like some other insects, have distinct color preferences. Researchers discovered bedbugs are drawn to red and black and repelled by green and yellow.

Mayo Clinic parasitologist Dr. Bobbi Pritt calls the data interesting; adding, it's always good to learn about pests that can infest human habitats. She says ...Read more

Democrats increasingly want expansion of health law, poll finds

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When Democrats fault the Affordable Care Act, it's increasingly because it does not go far enough, a poll released Thursday shows.

The results come as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has repeatedly derided the law for including too many concessions to the private health care industry and costing consumers too much.

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