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Park It

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One hundred years ago, on Aug. 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service, providing protection for 35 established parks. Today, there are 407, from the most-visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with 10 million visitors a year, to the least-visited Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve ...Read more

Bell's palsy a possible side effect of having had chickenpox

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am 55. I was having numbness on the left side of my face, and my left eyelid started to droop. I thought I was having a stroke. I went to the hospital, and they told me this is Bell's palsy. I asked where it came from and the doctor asked if I ever had chickenpox. I told him I had, and he said this is just another consequence, ...Read more

Nutrition News: Aging Well

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Aging Well

The tough thing about getting older is changing our eating habits -- we just need as many calories, but we certainly need good nutrition in the calories we do eat.

Here are five tips for eating to age well from Environmental Nutrition newsletter.

--Consume more omega 3s. These healthy fats support heart health, brain function and ...Read more

WATCHMAN device is alternative treatment for a-fib

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I have been diagnosed with a-fib. For various reasons, it has been determined that I should not be on blood thinners for any sustained length of time (neither Coumadin nor the more recent generation). My cardiologist has suggested that a good alternative in my case might be the WATCHMAN device, which involves surgery. This would ...Read more

The 'Where, Who, When' Weight-Loss Trick

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As the Golden State Warriors saw the last four-plus minutes tick off the clock in game seven of the NBA championship without scoring a point, Steph Curry couldn't get where he needed to be, with whom he needed to be or when he needed to be there! LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin, J.R. and Tristan did. (Forgive Dr. Mike, a Clevelander and fanatic Cavs backer...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Chinese Pan-Roasted Pork with Stir-Fried Bok Choy and Noodles

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This roast pork dinner with a soy, garlic and honey glaze is inspired by one of my favorite Chinese dishes, Chinese barbecue pork (Char Siu). This is a streamlined version that has similar flavor, but takes only 10 minutes to make.

The steamed or fresh noodles are cooked in the microwave to save time. There is no need to boil water or dirty ...Read more

Knowing the signs of heatstroke can save your life

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These scorching dog days of summer are a reminder of the danger of heat-related illnesses.

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are the main medical problems that can affect anyone, but particularly afflict the very old and very young.

Heat exhaustion can make you sick, while heatstroke can kill you. Knowing the difference in their symptoms can be ...Read more

Mike Pence's health policy record is a mixed bag

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is in the spotlight this week as the man Donald Trump picked to be his running mate. Pence's decisions about health and health care in Indiana have drawn attention from within and outside the state. His record could be important in November, because Trump has no legislative record.

Here's a quick look at the governor's ...Read more

The best mood lifting, feel good foods

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Stress and depression run rampant in today's fast-paced world. Fitness and nutrition expert John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) from has some of the best mood elevating foods including salmon, walnuts, legumes, seaweed, saffron, coconut and dark chocolate, that help increase 'feel good' brain chemicals.

Obama administration moves to block health insurance mega-mergers

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WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration went to court Thursday to block two major health insurance mergers, siding with consumer advocates and medical groups worried that the consolidation of large national health plans could lead to higher premiums.

The move by the Justice Department, which has been expected for weeks, will prevent Anthem Inc.'...Read more

How to up vitamin D without upsetting tummy

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I was wondering if you can give me any advice on dealing with my diagnosis of low vitamin D. I have been plagued by this for years. My problem is compounded by severe GERD, which makes it impossible to take vitamin D supplements. I have tried sublingual drops, gummies, tablets and gel caps with no success. None of my physicians ...Read more

No Grain, No Gain

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This June, when the DIY Network launched "Against the Grain" with Clint Harp and his wife Kelly, we wondered why a guy who made his career based on his love of reclaimed wooden furniture and all its glorious grain would opt for such a grain-bashing name. Why not "Go with the Grain" or "No Grain, No Gain"? Those titles sum up his woodworking ...Read more

Can nail-biting and thumb-sucking be a healthy habit?

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Good news for parents who have struggled to get their kids to take their fingers out of their mouths: nail biting and thumb-sucking might have health benefits.

Those habits, scientists found in a recent study, were linked to less risk of allergies to a host of things -- including dust mites, animals, and common molds.

The findings support what...Read more

Healthy foods that surprisingly pack on pounds

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Some 'healthy' foods are actually fattening. Fitness and nutrition expert John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) shines a light on the sneaky foods, like nuts, seeds, granola, trail mix, avocados, guacamole, olive oil, peanut butter, fruit juices and salads, that are good for you...but not so much for your waistline.

Best foods to give you a flat stomach and awesome abs

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To melt that midsection or tighten your tummy, fitness and nutrition expert John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) of has some of the best foods to accomplish your goals. Making cuisine choices like wild salmon, quinoa, leafy greens, berries, apples, soy beans, yogurt and eggs can reduce belly fat so you can start to see six pack abs.

Coming Clean

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In recent years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become, well, incredibly handy. The original idea behind them was that they would serve as a quick substitute when water and soap were not available, but the gels have become ubiquitous and are often used when multiple times per day by people, even when water and soap are available or the ...Read more

What's Smoking in That Cigarette

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When Adele wanted to quit smoking, she went to a celebrity hypnotist in London who charged her around $700 for a three-hour session -- and that worked! But for the 40 million U.S. adults who smoke cigarettes, that doesn't seem a viable quit-smoking plan.

Fortunately, University of North Carolina researchers came come up with an idea to help ...Read more

Surgery is the answer for major tears of rotator cuff

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DEAR DR. ROACH: Several months ago, I noticed a slight pain in my right shoulder, and a month later, pain in my left shoulder. The pain got steadily worse in both shoulders. My doctor took X-rays, gave me cortisone injections and prescribed exercises. However, the pain worsened, requiring a visit to the ER, with pain pills and a sling. My doctor...Read more

Sciatica treatment options

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Dear Mayo Clinic: Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with sciatica. I didn't have much pain initially, but it has been extremely painful the past few days -- usually when I'm sitting. Would physical therapy be an option for treatment? I don't like to take medications for pain. Are there other treatments I should try? Could surgery help?

A: ...Read more

California Obamacare rates to rise 13 percent in 2017, more than 3 times the increase of last 2 years

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LOS ANGELES -- Premiums for Californians' Obamacare health coverage will rise by an average of 13.2 percent next year -- more than three times the increase of the last two years and a jump that is bound to raise debate in an election year.

The big hikes come after two years in which California officials had bragged that the program had helped ...Read more