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Good Gut Health = Good Health

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Gut health was one of the hottest topics at this year's annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics convention held recently in Boston. The choice of carbohydrates and more importantly, dietary fiber, play an important role in influencing the gut microbiota.

Then there are prebiotics and probiotics. Nutrition research has pinpointed specific ...Read more

Follow medical team's plan for pancreatic cancer treatment

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My brother-in-law is 57 and has pancreatic cancer the size of a golf ball. He is on his second chemo treatment. The doctors first want to shrink the tumor. They eventually want to take out the tumor. Do you think this is wise? He does not have cancer anyplace else in his body. I am worried that once the tumor shrinks it will ...Read more

A Healthy Dose of Strength and Generosity

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When George Harrison wrote "I Me Mine" in 1969, he was commenting on the oversized egos of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which ended up pulling the band apart less than a year later. In Harrison's Eastern faith, one could not be united with the Higher Power until one renounced those three first-person, selfish pronouns.

Me, me, me: ...Read more

An idea borrowed from South Africa: Ordinary citizens fill gaps in health care

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NEW YORK -- Destini Belton isn't a doctor or a nurse. She's a trained health coach, and as a trusted neighbor in Harlem, she goes where clinics and hospitals can't -- into patients' homes to understand the mundane but vital details of their lives.

She visits people like Jessica Gonzalez who went blind at the age of 22 because of uncontrolled ...Read more

Reader left unable to cry after loss of husband

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My husband of 53 years passed away six years ago. Since that time, I have been unable to cry. I have always cried easily and found it a tremendous help in minimizing sadness, stress and pain. In the past six years, there have been many sad situations in which I could not cry. I am 85 years of age. I look forward to hearing from ...Read more

Laugh Your Way to Exercise

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In the movie "Mary Poppins" when Mary (Julie Andrews) and Bert (Dick Van Dyke) take the Banks children (Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice) to visit Uncle Albert (Ed Wynn), Albert starts to laugh and suddenly, with every chortle, he floats higher and higher off the ground. Soon the visitors start laughing, and they levitate, too. Only sad thoughts...Read more

New California law will more finely parse health data on Asians

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For years, California has used a limited number of categories to map out health trends among Asian ethnic groups. People of Taiwanese descent may have been folded into the Chinese demographic group in identifying death, disease and pregnancy rates. Fijian people were lumped into the category of "other Asian."

But thanks to a new law, the ...Read more

Obamacare enrollment is expected to grow by just 1 million next year

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WASHINGTON -- Under pressure to stabilize wobbly insurance markets nationwide, the Obama administration is making a new push to sign up Americans for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, aiming to increase enrollment by about 1 million in 2017.

With insurers canceling health plans or raising premiums by double digits in many parts ...Read more

Tis the Reason

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The holidays won't be in full swing for several more weeks, give or take, but if you're unwrapping your annual excuse now that seasonal festivities are the reason for your weight gain, you should know that science backs you up.

A survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine of nearly 3,000 people in countries as diverse as the U.S....Read more

Smoking Causes Back Pain

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The Cleveland Cavaliers' back-to-back-to-back victories made them the first team in NBA history to win a championship after being behind in the playoffs three games to one. That caused serious pain for the Golden State Warriors and their fans.

But did you know that back (and more back) problems are the real pain-inflicting champions in America,...Read more

Acetaminophen considered safe as well as effective

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DEAR DR. ROACH: You recently wrote an article on the risk of heart disease with aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. What about acetaminophen (Tylenol)? I have been taking this for many years of pain following spinal surgeries. -- C.S.

ANSWER: There have been some studies that have shown a mild increase in risk of heart disease among chronic ...Read more

Memory lapses — normal aging? Or is it time to see your doctor?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My father, who is 79 years old and in good health, has become quite forgetful. He seems to recognize that it's happening, but laughs it off and chalks it up to old age. I know memory problems are common as people get older, but I'm worried. Should I have him see his doctor?

A: Although memory lapses are a normal part of aging,...Read more

Are Blue Cross Blue Shield plans benefiting unfairly from program to offset cost of sicker patients?

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Some health insurers say they're paying too much to rival Blue Cross Blue Shield plans under a key pillar of the federal health law designed to compensate insurers that take on sicker and more expensive patients.

The critics' chief complaint is that the Affordable Care Act's risk-adjustment program unfairly rewards health plans that have excess...Read more

UnitedHealth shares jump nearly 7 percent as insurer puts Obamacare effects behind

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MINNEAPOLIS -- As UnitedHealth Group winds down money-losing business in government health exchanges, executives said Tuesday the company's financial performance should gain speed next year, particularly its Optum division for health services.

Leaders of the nation's largest insurer raised their outlook after the company's third-quarter profit ...Read more

Stressbusting 101: When the Country Goes Low, You Get High

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Up until now -- "now" being the wildest presidential election of all time -- most Americans stressed over three things. First is work. If you're unemployed, hate your job or work too hard for too long, you are stressed, whether you realize it or not.

Your body knows it, and over time, stress lowers your resistance, saps your strength...Read more

Cat Scratch Dangers

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A recent installment of the cartoon "Garfield" features a real-estate-agent flea giving two other fleas a house tour on the back of an unsuspecting Garfield the cat: "Now I'll be showing you a four-leg, two-ear condo. It's a perfect flea starter home," says the insect broker.

Fleas on cartoon cats may be funny, but in real life they pose a ...Read more

Fall reveals muscle weakness on one side

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 84-year-old woman, and have always been a good walker. Three months ago, I fell down and could not get up from the floor. I was not in pain, but I could not move my right leg. I went by ambulance to the hospital, where X-rays and many other tests were done. It took me 32 days in rehab before I could walk again and was ...Read more

Scarcity of mental health care means patients — especially kids — land in ER

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On any given day, pediatrician Lindsay Irvin estimates a quarter of her patients need psychiatric help. She sees teens who say they are suicidal, and elementary schoolchildren who suffer chest pains stemming from bullying anxiety.

Though she does her best, she doesn't consider herself qualified to treat them at the level they need at her ...Read more

Study: 'Doc, this election is killing me'

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The presidential election is driving people to their wits' end, according to a new poll from the American Psychological Association.

The poll found more than half of Americans adults are stressed -- regardless of party affiliation -- about the election. To be specific, the poll found 52 percent of Americans ages 18 and older said the election ...Read more

Frustration runs deep for customers forced to change marketplace plans routinely

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Andrea Schankman's three-year relationship with her insurer, Coventry Health Care of Missouri, has been contentious, with disputes over what treatments it would pay for. Nonetheless, like other Missourians, Schankman was unnerved to receive a notice from Coventry last month informing her that her policy was not being offered in 2017.

With her ...Read more