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Quinn on Nutrition: Drinking in the patriotism of Samuel Adams

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During a recent trip to Boston for the scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association, we had the opportunity to meet fellow patriot Samuel Adams, circa 1773. Dressed in his fine tailored waistcoat and breeches and staying totally in character, Adams asked us, "What brings you to our fine town?"

We explained that we here for a ...Read more

Nutrition News: Graceful Aging of Your Brain

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People who want to stay sharp as they age often turn to brain teasers, puzzles and games, figuring correctly that they'll lose it if they don't use it. But a healthy body is also key to maintaining a healthy brain, and that's something many people tend to overlook, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes...Read more

Deep Vein Thrombosis Less Common In Upper Extremities

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 55-year-old male. After five or six days of thinking I had pulled a muscle in my bicep, I was diagnosed via ultrasound with an unprovoked, extensive deep-vein thrombosis in my left upper arm. I'm glad I made the decision to have it checked out. I have no family history of this condition, exercise regularly, am not ...Read more

Some Cognitive Activity Improves Exercise

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When British freestyle unicycle champion (2010-2013) Sam Goodburn juggles five pins and rides his unicycle across a tightrope, you know you're seeing multitasking at its highest level.

But for more down-to-earth sorts (like us) the idea of riding even a stationary bike and juggling or counting backward seems likely to slow us down so that ...Read more

Obamacare cash drives health care merger mania

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LOS ANGELES--A gusher of Obamacare money is fueling a merger frenzy in U.S. healthcare.

The latest jolt came Thursday when Woodland Hills insurer Health Net Inc. agreed to be bought by Medicaid insurer Centene Corp. for $6.8 billion.

And more billion-dollar deals are in the works as health insurers, hospitals and drug companies bulk up in size...Read more

Summer safety tips for the Fourth and beyond

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With the 4th of July holiday upon us, experts at Mayo Clinic are offering up some injury prevention tips on some of the most common reasons that send people to the emergency department this time of year.

-- Consume alcohol in moderation. Imbibing too much alcohol can lead to questionable decision-making, slowed reflexes and false confidence –...Read more

Burping Not Usually Associated With H. Pylori

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CORRECTION: In the second graf of the second answer, "eighth cranial nerve" should be "seventh cranial nerve."

DEAR DR. ROACH: My friend was diagnosed with H. pylori. He was treated and then later he was given a stool sample test. This test showed "negative," and he was told that it means he does not have the H. pylori bacteria anymore. No ...Read more

Poison Ivy's 15 Minutes of Infamy

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Uma Thurman portrayed the villainess Poison Ivy in 1997's "Batman and Robin," and her effort earned her a nomination for that year's Razzie, or Golden Raspberry, for worst supporting actress! Seems Uma's Poison Ivy wasn't rash enough -- and moviegoers weren't itching to see her.

The same can't be said for real poison ivy; that villainous ...Read more

Study: Bariatric surgery, lifestyle changes can control Type 2 diabetes

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PITTSBURGH--Bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes may be a key method of controlling Type 2 diabetes over the long haul, according to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study published Wednesday.

While researchers previously demonstrated that the surgery can help improve diabetes, the new study is important because it shows the ...Read more

Put aside politics and improve health care, Obama says

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama, fresh from a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court last week that preserved the Affordable Care Act, called for an end to the political fighting over the health law and for more effort to improve it.

"This is about people. This is not about politics, it's not about Washington," Obama said at a town hall-...Read more

Your house may harbor more dangers than you think

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Soap may seem to be keeping germs at bay, but in many homes, it's doing harm. Surprisingly, there are items lurking in most homes that are unhealthy because they're old or contain harmful ingredients. The good news? For the most part, these things simply can be tossed to make the home healthier.

Problem: Antibacterial soap with triclosan

Why ...Read more

Ink Again

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Getting a tattoo remains a popular practice (1 in 5 adult Americans now have at least one), despite eternal warnings and evidence that many such indulgences are destined to become permanent rueful reminders of bad decisions made.

For parents seeking new ammo, there's this from dermatologists at NYU Langone Medical Center: In a survey of 300 ...Read more

When Insisting on Healthy Eating Backfires

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The lyrics to Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" sum up how parents inadvertently trigger bad food habits in their kids: "Don't want to argue, I don't want to debate/Don't want to hear about what kind of food you hate/You won't get no dessert 'til you clean off your plate/So eat it!"

According to Ohio State University ...Read more

Overall Health Trumps Number On The Scale

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm 64 and healthy. I'm very petite at 4 feet, 10 inches tall. I've had a low weight most of my life, keeping around 95 pounds. Two years ago, after retiring and being less active, I got up to 110 and maintained it for a year.

Then I got married and am active again in the garden, walking and traveling. I've dropped back to 100 ...Read more

'No one ever stared': 'I Am Me' burn camp marks 25 years

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CHICAGO -- Dayia Jones was 9 when her legs were scalded by hot water that spilled after the lid came off a cup as her mother drove away from a fast food restaurant.

The scars were more than just physical for the west suburban Naperville resident, who is now 15. She worried about how other kids would treat her because of her burned upper thighs....Read more

Doctors seek cause behinid dramatic increase in ER trips for kids with food allergies

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The rate of emergency room visits and hospitalizations of children with severe food allergy reactions nearly tripled in Illinois over five years, a recently released study by Northwestern Medicine reported, raising questions about the cause of such a dramatic upswing and offering an especially comprehensive data that may supply insights for what...Read more

Clearing up some common questions about psychiatric medications

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Taking medications on a daily basis can be a chore, but it becomes more challenging if there's lack of understanding of or misconceptions about your medication.

"In my practice, I come across many patients who are skeptical about taking psychiatric medications," says Filza Hussain, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System behavioral health physician. ...Read more

Seven Cool Ways to Make Your Summer Sizzle

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It's summer. Yippee. Remove those ear buds, please, and let's play a game.

Take three deep breaths, and think: What one thing could you do this summer that would add more joy and juiciness to your life?

Salsa dancing with strangers? (Good for the body.)

Chess lessons in the park? (Good for the brain.)

Ten minutes of meditation every day? (...Read more

Lack of Sleep Dings Memory and More

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The recent playoff games (NBA and Stanley Cup finals), as well as the World Series and NFL games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights later in the year, can keep you glued to your TV (if you're on Central or Eastern Standard time) until well after midnight.

But the alarm clock never goes off any later the next morning, and you may have to ...Read more

All Strokes Need Urgent Evaluation

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My brother had four ministrokes in five days. They can't find what caused it. He was in a university hospital for seven days. -- M.L.

ANSWER: A stroke is defined as a neurologic deficit (such as weakness or difficulty speaking) that lasts for more than 24 hours. For deficits that last less than 24 hours, the term is "TIA," for "...Read more