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Sandman not doing the job? Use behavioral tips to sleep easy

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"Many of my patients face sleep difficulties," says Dr. Filza Hussain, Mayo Clinic Health System behavioral health expert. "It's either difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or both. This leads to feeling tired in the morning, having difficulties with daytime sleepiness, attention and concentration problems and irritability. Most of my ...Read more

Hospital doorman comforts expectant parents with 'Happy Birthday'

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CHICAGO -- At a place where life begins and ends, Brian Wilson guards the gate.

The Prentice Women's Hospital doorman sees it all. He greets regular oncology patients by name as they come in for treatments, and shares in the joy of families leaving with newborns.

When nervous mothers-to-be show up at the hospital for scheduled deliveries, he ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: A few pointers on managing chronic conditions

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I was complaining about having to hobble around on crutches after a small mishap with my horse last week. "Sure is uncomfortable to get around," I said to a patient at the Community Hospital of the Monterey (Calif.) Peninsula, where I work as a registered dietitian..

"Sure is," she said, pointing to her very pregnant tummy.

We laughed and ...Read more

Nutrition News: A Healthy Cup of Coffee?

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A Healthy Cup of Coffee?

News of coffee's potential impact on health has for years gone back and forth. Initially, concerns centered on caffeine, a naturally occurring stimulant. The positives about coffee centered on antioxidants, compounds generally associated with potential health benefits. Robert Sheeler, M.D.,? and medical editor of the ...Read more

Particular Packaging For Medicine By Mail

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I get all of my medicine by mail. Since the manufacturers stress keeping the pills at cool room temperatures, I wonder what the excessive heat does to them. The medicine must cook all day in the mailbox -- way over 100 degrees here in Florida. I wonder how much the pills or liquids are deteriorating, and how the effectiveness is ...Read more

Getting People Vacinated

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When MTV celebrated its 29th birthday this summer, the music video channel had to face facts. Music videos have become super-popular on venues like YouTube and other streaming services, but not so much on MTV anymore. It's become a victim of its own success.

The same can be said for vaccinations: They're a victim of their own success. Although ...Read more

Are Genes Responsible For Reader's Amd?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: When my daughter was pregnant, she was tested for blood abnormalities and was told she has factor V Leiden and PAI-1 4G/5G. She suggested that I be tested, because with my firstborn I had an emergency C-section for hemorrhaging due to placenta abruption, and with her I had pelvic thrombophlebitis.

I did go to a hematologist, who...Read more

Moderate Caffeine Consumption Has Big Benefits

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The recent headline "Coffee Habits Impact Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment" reminded us of a TV ad for Berlitz language school in which a German Coast Guard officer who speaks broken English replies to a mayday call. A ship's captain is pleading for help: "We're sinking, we're sinking! Can you help us?" The young German replies, "Um ... vut are...Read more

Stethoscope meets smartphone and the heart knows it is right

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Call it a winter-spring romance: The oldest tool in a doctor's kit--a stethoscope--meets the youngest--a smartphone. Together, they make (and hear, see, analyze and record) heartbeats race.

The Food and Drug Administration has cleared for the U.S. market a digital stethoscope, the Eko Core, that aims to bring auscultation--the ancient medical ...Read more

Mayo Clinic doctor has your prescription for happiness

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MINNEAPOLIS -- A doctor at Rochester's Mayo Clinic believes that he has the prescription for happiness. He isn't arguing that we can buy happiness, but that we can achieve it.

We can train our brains to feel less stressed and increase our inner bliss, overriding even genetic tendencies toward unhappiness, said Dr. Amit Sood, author of the new ...Read more

Predicting IQ by age 2

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Researchers at the University of Warwick report that the IQ of people born very premature or with very low birth weight can be predicted as early as when they are 2 years old.

By contrast, the IQ of people born full term usually defies accurate prediction until age 6.

Previous studies have linked very premature birth and very low birth weight ...Read more

To B or Not to B

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You can never have too much of a cozy B&B, bumblebees or b-ball. But when it comes to B vitamins, research shows that you need the right amount of supplements to make your RealAge as young as it can be. And B-wise; over-B-ing promotes obesity, and it happens all the time now that foods are fortified with Bs and folks supplement with extra B ...Read more

Ill Effects From Vitamin E Unlikely At Lower Doses

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm a 47-year-old female in good overall health. About six months ago, I began to take several supplements, one of which was vitamin E (200 IU). I had no noticeable adverse reactions to any of the supplements. About 10 days ago, I started taking 400 IU of vitamin E. Right about the same time as this increase, I began having ...Read more

Negative news overload: Turn off, take action

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In our society, we are constantly bombarded by news. Cell phones, the Internet, television, radio and other outlets allow an ever-present stream of information to flow into our lives. Being informed is important, but when the news is bad or disturbing, some people become upset or even depressed. Mayo Clinic psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Jowsey says ...Read more

FAQs about cord-blood banking and its disease-treating potential

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Blood from a newborn's umbilical cord was once considered a waste product, but it actually contains potentially life-saving cells. But how do you know if cord blood banking is right for you? Dr. Seanna Thompson, Mayo Clinic Health System OB/GYN physician, answers some common questions about cord blood banking and what options are available.

...Read more

Coping With Traveler's Diarrhea

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In 1984, Parker Bros. launched an Atari game that offered a new set of thrills: It was a treasure-hunting, puzzle-solving adventure called "Montezuma's Revenge." In it, Panama Joe (looking a bit like a pixelated Indiana Jones) took you through twists and turns on your way to a pot of gold or other treasures.

Unfortunately, traveler's diarrhea (...Read more

Reader's Leg Swelling Likely Due To Travel And Sodium Intake, Not Alcohol

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DEAR DR. ROACH: What effect, if any, does alcohol consumption have on swelling in the legs, ankles and feet? I drink only when I go out for dinner or have guests, typically a cocktail and a glass of wine; no swelling in those instances. However, I noticed that after a few days on vacation, when I drank more than two glasses of wine every night, ...Read more

'Get moving!' Exercise can relieve symptoms of Parkinson's disease

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MIAMI -- Claire Hackett, a retired dietician, never saw herself as a "jock."

But at 77, the Palmetto Bay, Fla., mother of seven is enrolled in a twice-weekly indoor cycling class at the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center west of downtown Miami. She walks the treadmill and takes yoga classes at the Y and takes chair yoga and music therapy ...Read more

Moms Shape Minds By Talking to Their Children Like Adults

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The Police's "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" became a Top 10 single on both sides of The Pond in 1980. Great song, but "all we want to say to you" is that it's not the best way to speak to your infant or toddler.

A bit of baby talk and mimicking a child's sounds during the earliest months of life makes an infant feel connected and understood, and it...Read more

Tips For Reducing Eye Strain

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DEAR DR. ROACH: Would you mind providing some guidelines for preventing eye strain? I'm a graduate student, so I spend a lot of time reading, both from computer screens and from books. I will always need to read to get things done, but I'd also like my eyes to last me my whole life. -- B.I.

ANSWER: We tend to spend a lot of time reading or in ...Read more