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Quinn on Nutrition: Eating up chilies and the American West

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I left California early on a Saturday morning on the first leg of a five state trek. As I drove through the Salinas Valley in the first light of dawn, I was struck by the buzz of farmworkers already at work -- laying pipe, picking lettuce, loading produce into crates and onto trucks. I realized that farmers work hard to keep us fed, even on ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Here's a crutch you can use for a new diet plan

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By the grace of God and a few good friends, we got 'er done. For me, moving out of a house ranks right up there with sticking pins in my eyes. Add crutches and a broken foot to the equation, and it's not pretty.

No worries. To the rescue are friends who know how to take orders from a one-legged lady. Wendy blew in and got me out of my "where ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: What quality assurance do we have for food?

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Before we could board a cute little commuter plane from Alliance, Neb., to Denver, we had to wait out a summer thunderstorm that blew across the plains. Trying to take my mind off the possibility that I would miss my connecting flight to California (I did), I listened to the TSA agent describe the history of this small airport.

"Alliance was ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Sounds nutty, but here's latest on avoiding this allergy

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I was surprised when my three-year old granddaughter and her mom (my daughter who lives several states away) suddenly appeared at my recent retirement party. No better surprise than that.

We sometimes get surprises in the world of nutrition, as well. Like the surprising estimate that the incidence of peanut allergy in Western countries has ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: A few pointers on managing chronic conditions

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I was complaining about having to hobble around on crutches after a small mishap with my horse last week. "Sure is uncomfortable to get around," I said to a patient at the Community Hospital of the Monterey (Calif.) Peninsula, where I work as a registered dietitian..

"Sure is," she said, pointing to her very pregnant tummy.

We laughed and ...Read more

As school begins, tips to help kids eat right

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My morning commute to work is suddenly filled with big yellow buses and cars darting through traffic to drop off kids at school. Yep, the school year is here once again. This is also Kids Eat Right Month, an ongoing initiative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to teach families how to shop, cook and eat smart.

How do we get kids -- in ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: What we have in common with classic cars

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I got a media email blast from Russo and Steele, a prestigious car auction company, and almost hit delete. Then I realized it was from the young man I befriended on a flight into Monterey last week. I was coming home; he was coming to Monterey for Classic Car Week.

So I responded with a greeting back to him.

Next thing I knew, I had ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Possible perils of HGH

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I usually hesitate when someone asks my opinion on some diet or beauty product. I'm a nutritionist, not a magician. But I am aware that some people would stick pins in their eyes if a slick ad convinced them that it would make them skinnier or younger. So I promised a friend to do a little research on "hgh"--a beauty product advertised as "...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: From a cowgirl's perspective

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I stuck my hand in a pocket after feeding the horses one morning and was reminded of something I read in a book my friend gave me. "You might be a cowgirl," it began, "if you have hay in the pockets of all your jackets...and you wear Victoria's Secret flannel pajamas and a pair of cowboy boots to feed your horses in the morning."

I totally ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: The value of vinegar

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I was doing my usual stop-fooling-around-and-write-your column dance with myself this week when I happened across an article in a recent issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "Is vinegar an effective treatment for blood sugar control or weight loss?" the article began. I stopped fooling around to find out.

Vinegar is a...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: When friends come to visit

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It had been a while since my BFF (Best Friend Forever) had come out for a visit. Terry and I met long ago when we were silly eighth-graders. Now we have silly memories of those days and all the years between.

I picked her up at the airport late Friday night. As she climbed in my car, I asked if she'd had a chance to eat before she left Phoenix....Read more

Food allergy or sensitivity?

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A client told me she Is allergic to mangoes and takes special precautions to avoid them. And did you know," she continued, "that mangoes are related to poison oak? So if you are sensitive to poison oak, you might also be sensitive to mangoes ... but not always."

That was news to me. I've been sensitive to poison oak ever since I chopped down ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Freedom from fractures

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A friend and I were talking about our families and how our parents fared in their later years.

"My mom was doing great," my friend said. "Then she fell and broke her hip...."

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), one in two women and up to one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis in their ...Read more

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