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Quinn on Nutrition: When blood sugar gets too low

Health / Nutrition /

Hunger, weakness, headache, sweating, shakiness, confusion. While these may be symptoms of watching the presidential debates, they are most commonly associated with a condition called hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

Glucose (blood sugar derived from the digestion of food) is a vital source of energy for our bodies, especially for our brains. ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Shopping for nutrition books

Health / Nutrition /

I vowed never to do this ... mention Christmas shopping before the end of October. In my defense, it's never too early to check out ideas for those special people on your shopping list, especially the ones interested in nutrition matters. Here are a few best picks:

--"Eat like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete," by ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Benefits of family meals

Health / Nutrition /

What happens when a family decides to eat meals together? A lot, say nutrition experts. More and more research shows that kids who eat a meal (any meal) at least three times a week with their families do better in school, are more likely to resist unhealthy peer pressure and are less likely to be overweight or have eating disorders.

Home ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Cherries and humans have similar nutritional needs

Health / Nutrition /

How many experts does it take to produce a quality cherry? About as many as it takes to keep us healthy. That was one eye-opening fact I learned at a recent symposium sponsored by the Montana Department of Agriculture and attended by cherry growers from Montana, Washington, Idaho and Canada.

Cherries and other dark colored fruits and berries ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Good gut microbes

Health / Nutrition /

Nothing like waiting for a delayed flight in an airport to turn your mind to microbes. I mean, the average human -- whether we travel on planes or not -- hosts several hundred different species of bacterial organisms in his or her body. And while some can be beneficial to our health, others I'd rather not inherit from someone.

Most of the ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: EVOO — so good!

Health / Nutrition /

I read online -- so it must be true, right? -- that country western singer Billy Currington drinks a shot of virgin olive oil before his concerts to lubricate his vocal cords. Makes sense to me ... until you take a look at the anatomy of vocal cords.

What you eat and drink does not touch your vocal cords, explains speech-language pathologist ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Canning season

Health / Nutrition /

Ninety year-old Betty McGinnis and her husband raised six children on a ranch in eastern Montana. Trips to town for groceries -- especially when the weather was harsh -- were rare. Instead, this family relied on the food they raised on their land ... true locavores before the term became popular.

Betty's son, Dean has fond memories of planting ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Food memories, a nutritious meal for the soul

Health / Nutrition /

I thought about it as I enjoyed an elegant dinner in a swanky restaurant at New Mexico's Isleta (Pueblo) Resort and Casino (we didn't have these when I grew up here). Surrounded by black and white prints of the first people of the Land of Enchantment, my past and present memories of this area came into focus.

This was the third lap of a trip to...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Encourage children to nibble on nutrient-rich foods

Health / Nutrition /

My granddaughter is four -- "and next year I'll be five!" -- and soooo excited to start preschool this fall. She's ready -- "Frozen" backpack and all -- for her first step into academia. What do mommy and daddy need to know about nutritious foods for Frances as she skips off to school? Here's a short quiz:

SSB stands for a) sure she's beautiful...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Eat like an Olympian

Health / Nutrition /

Confession: Every 4 years for two weeks, I turn into a couch potato each night from 7-11 p.m. Strong men in tights and swimming trunks aside, I truly enjoy watching the high degree of competition among these elite athletes. And of course it makes me wonder what they must eat to fuel those bulging muscles.

I learned a long time ago when I ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Sweet facts about honey

Health / Nutrition /

Funny how some foods bring back memories. Every time I put honey on my oatmeal, I remember -- as a child -- watching my grandfather do the same.

I recently sampled honey from L.R. Rice -- a family-owned honey farm in Greeley, Colo., and thought about the "Colorado honey" my mom stocked in our home. My aunt, uncle and cousins lived in La Jara (...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: This and that from readers

Health / Nutrition /

After writing about how my four year-old granddaughter who loves playing with her Magic Mealtime Magnet -- a fun way to teach children to choose healthful foods -- many of you have asked for ordering information. Here's the website:

My recent column about organic and conventionally grown produce generated a passionate ...Read more

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