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Quinn on Nutrition: Nutritional tips that can be beneficial to autistic children

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When I heard that Temple Grandin was speaking an hour away, I jumped into my pickup and made the trip. Grandin is a hero in these parts and elsewhere -- a well-known animal behavior professor at Colorado State University (my alma mater) and an advocate for autistic populations.

Grandin knows first hand about autism; she was diagnosed as a young...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Are meal replacement drinks nutritionally complete?

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Our local supermarket is stocking blue and orange tortilla chips this week. And that's all I'm going to say about the SuperBowl. On to some questions received from readers this month:

Q: Who are candidates for food supplements such as Ensure or Boost and what is the purpose and nature of these products? I have a friend who has dementia. Where ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: There's a lot of bull out there, the choice is yours

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If you eat today, you can thank farmers and ranchers. I thought about that as we drove to the family owned and operated ranch of Joe and Cyndi Van Newkirk in Oshkosh, Nebraska for their annual Bull Sale. Each year, this family sells more than 200 of their prized breeding animals to ranchers from across the United States looking to produce top ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Putting the dietary guidelines in practice

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At first glance, not much has changed. According to the just-released 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we eat too much sugar, saturated fat and sodium. And we don't get our quota of vegetables, fruit, dairy or vegetable oils.

What has changed is the focus. This latest scientific review of the impact of nutrition on our health ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Fasting diets

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"You didn't eat much for lunch," I commented to my daughter after I watched her down a small carton of yogurt before she rushed back to work.

"Today is my fasting day," she replied, reminding me that she limits herself to just 500 calories on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

"Oh, right," I said, remembering some recent articles about this style ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Check the facts before detoxing or adding supplements to your dietary intake

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Let's just say it feels very good to get back on track when the holidays are over. Why else would I be checking out the detox tea in my daughter's cabinet on New Year's Day?

"Detox" generally refers to the process of removing toxins (poisons and other harmful substances) from the body. And need I mention that we humans have a pretty powerful ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Pulses trending in 2016

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What's trending in nutrition for the new year? Here's a big one: The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. Not the kind of pulse you take to find your heart rate. Pulses are crops of legumes such as lentils, beans, peas and peanuts that are harvested and dried for food. These foods are a critical part of our world's ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Through the eyes of a child

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Children say it like it is. My three year-old granddaughter introduced me to her stuffed turtle.

What's his name? I asked.

"His name is Slow," she said. "Because he's slow."

And what's your pink pony's name? I had to ask.

"Pink Pony," she said.

Pretty simple. But my, how things get complicated when we grow up. Most simple nutrition advice, ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Make someday today

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I was going through a stash of stationary in my desk and came across two cards I had intended to send to each of my sisters someday. It stung to realize that it's now too late to send one of those cards; my sister, Lynda passed away last month. And I was reminded once again -- no matter how busy I get -- to turn those "someday" plans into what I...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: The gift of fiber

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Interesting that a necessary component of our diet with major impacts on our health is not considered a nutrient. Dietary fiber -- structural components and carbohydrates from plants that the human body cannot digest -- is strongly associated with numerous health benefits, according to a new position paper on this topic from the Academy of ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Sleep and nutrition

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Besides the obvious fact that this is the season to throw diets out the window, there could be another reason why we tend to gain weight over the holidays. This time or year we tend to trade sleep for all the activities that require our wakefulness.

The connection between inadequate sleep and weigh gain goes back to research that shows a ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Recipe for a healthful holiday

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Funny how priorities get adjusted when you lose a loved one, especially one as close as a sister. So this Thanksgiving and the weekend, I'm not Christmas shopping. I am thanking God for the incredible outpouring of love and concern these past few weeks from dear family members and friends.

Thank you especially to the United Methodist Women in ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Yes, there is a sustainable way to farm seafood

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According to my dictionary, to "sustain" means to supply with nourishment; to support; to preserve. "Sustainable" refers to something that helps maintain or conserve our energy and resources. My morning coffee and granola come to mind.

Relationships can sustain us as well. Recently co-workers and I participated in an event entitled "...Read more

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