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Quinn on Nutrition: Weeding out to grow good seeds

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I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this. Since moving into a new house last winter, I've carefully tended a small garden to see what types of flowers the warm weather would coax from the ground. Last week, I realized everything had bloomed except one species that grew and grew with flowerless abandon. Yep, Google confirmed it. It's a weed.

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Quinn on Nutrition: Keeping a lid on BPA's

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BPA, UV, polycarbonate. Yikes. Do we need a chemistry degree to figure out what to eat and drink? Perhaps we do. After all, the science of nutrition is about the chemistry of food in our bodies ... and how those chemical reactions affect our health.

Here's one example to pay attention to as we guzzle bottled water on these hot summer days. ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Nutrition on the road

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The real treat from my recent gallivant around the country to hawk my book was meeting you, the readers of this column. And on every highway and country road, I came to better appreciate this great country we call home.

Communities like Burlington, Iowa and Racine, Wisconsin could be called small town America. I call them the heart of this ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Fear the beer — well, not exactly, but watch consumption

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On a fun tour of the original Pabst Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisc., I noticed a sign in one of the halls from days of old: "Fresh beer is the most important thing to insure your future." I'm not so sure that is true but I was truly fascinated by some of the trivia about one of America's first commercial beer makers.

Pabst, which means "...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: The art of cheesemaking

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As I drove home from a visit to Wisconsin, I munched on squeaky cheese curds from the Clock Shadow Creamery in downtown Milwaukee. Second only to California as the top milk producing state, Wisconsin is particularly famous for its cheesemaking; hence the cheeseheads at football games.

"Cheesemaking is the art of turning liquid milk into solid ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: A measure for Dad's health

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It is probably no coincidence that we celebrate Father's Day in June -- the same month that has been designated "Men's Health Month." It's a good time, say health experts, to encourage dear ol' dad (and all men) to get regular check ups and take care of little health issues before they become big health issues.

This is a very good idea because,...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Calories, serving size get more weight on nutrition labels

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Finally, it's finalized. For the first time in more than 20 years, the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods has been revised. Why? To reflect new scientific information, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -- the agency responsible for the safety and proper labeling of foods sold in the United States.

More specifically, says the...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Horses' needs resemble our own

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The western way of life is alive and well in Montana. That was evident at the recent Miles City Bucking Horse Sale where -- every year for the past 66 years -- top cowboys and horses challenge one another in events from saddle bronc riding to horse racing.

Not to be outdone in the festivities was a women's riding group, the Bozeman (Montana) ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Should you take dietary supplements?

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"Should I take dietary supplements?" is a question much like, "Should I stop for gas?" The answer depends on what's in the tank. In other words, only take dietary supplements if you need them.

Dietary supplements should be just that -- a way to get the nutrients missing from our diets. Still, real food is the best way to get the right balance ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Magnet makes meals fun for picky eaters

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After sharing that my almost 4 year-old granddaughter is going through her "I don't want to eat anything green" stage, my friend Trish invited me for coffee.

"This might be something you can use," she said as she handed me a flat package enclosed in clear plastic. She explained how -- troubled by the obesity and poor eating habits she observed ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Edible petals pack nutrients

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No, I wasn't attracted to this wine promotion just because it is the same name as my nephew, Josh. I was curious with this company's idea that the scent of a spring flower is much like the aroma of a favorite glass of wine.

We can do more than just smell flowers this spring. Many of these pretties are edible, say plant experts. Add flower ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: The wisdom of mothers and daughters

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Mother's Day comes right on the heels of my birthday. Sorry family, but it's a two week fling of which I take full advantage.

As I drove to visit my youngest daughter at the "please spoil me" Sorrel River Ranch Resort where she works in Moab, Utah, I thought about my mom.

She surely would have enjoyed the scenery of this trip along the path of...Read more


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