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What's Sweet About Sweat

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In a 1984 Dry Idea antiperspirant commercial, football coach Dan Reeves was asked about the three "nevers" it takes to be a winning coach. He answered: "Never let the press pick your starting quarterback. Never take a last place team lightly. And, really, no matter what the score, never let 'em see you sweat." But sweat you must if you want to ...Read more

Don't Be a Sat-Fathead

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The Urban Dictionary defines "fat-head syndrome" as someone who acts like a blowhard. But researchers at Louisiana State University's Inflammation and Neurodegeneration Laboratory have found that a diet high in saturated fat (more than 13 percent of calories from sat fat) can cause a lot more than a bad case of know-it-all-itis! It affects your ...Read more

Be Brave (and Healthy)! Try These Foods

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Anthony Bourdain ("Parts Unknown" on CNN) and Andrew Zimmerman ("Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel) made their careers by eating exotic -- and sometimes hard to swallow -- foods. Zimmerman says the 10-year-old tofu at Taiwan's House of Unique Stink (that's its name!) is horrific, and Bourdain admits Icelandic fermented shark, hakarl, is ...Read more

FMTs Are Better Than We Thought

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Even though the first fecal microbiota transplants to treat Clostridium difficile were performed on people around 1958, the Beatles' 1967 "It's Getting Better All the Time" couldn't have been referring to the treatment's growing effectiveness. But we have to admit, it's true -- the success of FMTs is doing just that.

Those of us in the medical ...Read more

Lettuce Power

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"Lettuce," said Charles Dudley Warner, American author and pal of Mark Twain, "is like conversation. It must be fresh and crisp, so sparkling you barely notice the bitter in it." And just like good conversation, lettuce can be rapid-fire or low-key when it comes to delivering its nutritional messages.

A recent study in the Journal of ...Read more

Stop the Pillaging

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When the Visigoths pillaged Rome in 410 A.D., they ravaged the once mighty empire and caused alarm all around the Mediterranean. Today's pill-aging (too many pills!) is shocking doctors and patients as they discover the harmful effects that can come from being overmedicated.

A recent study from Thomas Jefferson University shows one kind of ...Read more

We're Just Mad About Saffron

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In 1966, when Donovan crooned "I'm just mad about Saffron/Saffron's mad about me," we don't think he knew it takes 70,000 to 250,000 purple saffron crocuses to make one pound of the amber-red seasoning. (It's made from dried stigma, the part of the flower where pollen germinates.) No wonder it costs $75 or more an ounce.

But its delicate flavor...Read more

The Best Way to Handle ADHD in Young Kids

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One million viewers a day tune in to ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" to watch Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debate, inflate and rant about the latest sports news. Their style is in-your-face and high-rev. If you don't like it, you can turn it off.

In real life, when high-rev, interruption-filled behavior might be a sign that your ...Read more

Move It or Gain It

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Don Pellman, age 99, did the high jump in college, but gave it up for the next 58 years. Then after retirement he decided to get back into track and field. He went on to win four U.S. track records in his age group (high jump, long jump, discus and pole vault -- including one at age 95) and set four world records. "You have to keep training 365 ...Read more

Sex and The Seventies

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People often are surprised (or even shocked) when someone in his late 70s becomes a dad (Tony Randall) or someone with a TV image as sweet as "The Partridge Family" mom Shirley Jones, now 79, insists that "old age and sexuality are not incompatible." But life and medical research clearly demonstrate that you're never too old to enjoy sexual ...Read more

Aspirin's Cancer-Fighting Powers

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Corbin Bernsen, 60, known as the irascible Henry Spencer on "Psych," is a smart guy when it comes to making sure he dodges the heart problems that run in his family: He's been taking low-dose aspirin for more than a decade and says, "You can't just take an aspirin and sit around and have 12 donuts and think, 'I'm not going to have a heart attack...Read more

Go For Greens and Gain Yards of Brain Power

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To date, 75 pro football players have spelled their last name G-R-E-E-N, notably the Cleveland Browns' Pro Bowl halfback/fullback Ernie Green (1962-1968), who gained 3,204 yards and caught 179 passes out of the backfield in his six-year career (while blasting open running lanes for his Hall-of-Fame teammate Jim Brown).

And the Redskins' speedy ...Read more

Is Stress Ruining Your Memory?

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Major Harris, quarterback at West Virginia in the late 1980s, is a college football Hall-of-Famer. But in a pivotal game against Penn State, as the clock was running out, Harris blanked on what play he'd called. As his entire team went left -- where he'd called it -- he ran right. Disaster? No. He faked out the Penn State defense, broke five ...Read more

Today's Pace Causing Less Sleep

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Learn to set the pace: In 1925, WWI flying ace Eddie Rickenbacher did it; so did James Garner in 1975 and Jay Leno in 1999. They drove pace cars at the Indianapolis 500. But when their pace car pulled off the track (it happens at every car race), all you-know-what broke loose. Kinda like what happens when you get your engine all revved up and ...Read more

A Legacy Without A-fib

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Actor Idris Elba may be the busiest man in showbiz, with seven movies in post-production or filming. And while he's always intense, his portrayal of a solider slowly unraveling in the 2010 movie "Legacy" was enough to make anyone's heart skip a beat.

Now the LEGACY Study from Australia reveals that if you have atrial fibrillation (or a-fib, an ...Read more

Free Pedometer Apps for Smartphones

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"Step right up, ladies and gents. Step right up!" Carnival barker Gabby Gilfoil (W.C. Fields) in the silent 1927 film "Two Flaming Youths" enticed passersby to try a new experience. And we'd like to get you to step right up, too, and get your free step-counter app for your smartphone! It can help you reduce your risk of heart disease; improve ...Read more

Low-T Supplements? Should it Be a Choice of a No-No?

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When Hans and Franz (Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon) appear on TV ("Saturday Night Live" reruns and, more recently, in a cheeky commercial), they're all about fitness training to "Pump ... you up!" They know that's a great way to maximize testosterone levels. But what would they say about taking testosterone supplements?

The shady ones sold on ...Read more

Stay Away from Spray Tans

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Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have more in common than yesterday's news. They're spray-tan fans, and like other pale-skinned North Americans, they're opting for dodging the sun's rays while still getting a glow from head to toe.

But whether you pay $300 for an airbrushed blush at a Beverly Hills salon or less than $10 for a bottle of do-it-...Read more

You Can Be a Cancer Warrior

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The Greek myth about powerful Amazonian women evolved over many years, and by the fifth century B.C., the historian Herodotus reported that the alluring, but frightening, females lived in a fortified city on the Black Sea and raised their girl children to be warriors equal to any challenge.

More than 2,400 years later, an archeological dig in...Read more

When It's Smart to Skip School

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Last October, when school systems in Solon, Ohio, and Parkside, Texas, closed because of overhyped Ebola fears, we worried that the "cry wolf" effect might interfere with real reasons to keep kids home from school.

You know, sometimes it's smart to keep them home to avoid infecting schoolmates and teachers with highly contagious but not life-...Read more

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