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Sex and The Seventies

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People often are surprised (or even shocked) when someone in his late 70s becomes a dad (Tony Randall) or someone with a TV image as sweet as "The Partridge Family" mom Shirley Jones, now 79, insists that "old age and sexuality are not incompatible." But life and medical research clearly demonstrate that you're never too old to enjoy sexual ...Read more

Aspirin's Cancer-Fighting Powers

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Corbin Bernsen, 60, known as the irascible Henry Spencer on "Psych," is a smart guy when it comes to making sure he dodges the heart problems that run in his family: He's been taking low-dose aspirin for more than a decade and says, "You can't just take an aspirin and sit around and have 12 donuts and think, 'I'm not going to have a heart attack...Read more

Go For Greens and Gain Yards of Brain Power

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To date, 75 pro football players have spelled their last name G-R-E-E-N, notably the Cleveland Browns' Pro Bowl halfback/fullback Ernie Green (1962-1968), who gained 3,204 yards and caught 179 passes out of the backfield in his six-year career (while blasting open running lanes for his Hall-of-Fame teammate Jim Brown).

And the Redskins' speedy ...Read more

Is Stress Ruining Your Memory?

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Major Harris, quarterback at West Virginia in the late 1980s, is a college football Hall-of-Famer. But in a pivotal game against Penn State, as the clock was running out, Harris blanked on what play he'd called. As his entire team went left -- where he'd called it -- he ran right. Disaster? No. He faked out the Penn State defense, broke five ...Read more

Today's Pace Causing Less Sleep

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Learn to set the pace: In 1925, WWI flying ace Eddie Rickenbacher did it; so did James Garner in 1975 and Jay Leno in 1999. They drove pace cars at the Indianapolis 500. But when their pace car pulled off the track (it happens at every car race), all you-know-what broke loose. Kinda like what happens when you get your engine all revved up and ...Read more

A Legacy Without A-fib

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Actor Idris Elba may be the busiest man in showbiz, with seven movies in post-production or filming. And while he's always intense, his portrayal of a solider slowly unraveling in the 2010 movie "Legacy" was enough to make anyone's heart skip a beat.

Now the LEGACY Study from Australia reveals that if you have atrial fibrillation (or a-fib, an ...Read more

Free Pedometer Apps for Smartphones

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"Step right up, ladies and gents. Step right up!" Carnival barker Gabby Gilfoil (W.C. Fields) in the silent 1927 film "Two Flaming Youths" enticed passersby to try a new experience. And we'd like to get you to step right up, too, and get your free step-counter app for your smartphone! It can help you reduce your risk of heart disease; improve ...Read more

Low-T Supplements? Should it Be a Choice of a No-No?

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When Hans and Franz (Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon) appear on TV ("Saturday Night Live" reruns and, more recently, in a cheeky commercial), they're all about fitness training to "Pump ... you up!" They know that's a great way to maximize testosterone levels. But what would they say about taking testosterone supplements?

The shady ones sold on ...Read more

Stay Away from Spray Tans

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Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have more in common than yesterday's news. They're spray-tan fans, and like other pale-skinned North Americans, they're opting for dodging the sun's rays while still getting a glow from head to toe.

But whether you pay $300 for an airbrushed blush at a Beverly Hills salon or less than $10 for a bottle of do-it-...Read more

You Can Be a Cancer Warrior

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The Greek myth about powerful Amazonian women evolved over many years, and by the fifth century B.C., the historian Herodotus reported that the alluring, but frightening, females lived in a fortified city on the Black Sea and raised their girl children to be warriors equal to any challenge.

More than 2,400 years later, an archeological dig in...Read more

When It's Smart to Skip School

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Last October, when school systems in Solon, Ohio, and Parkside, Texas, closed because of overhyped Ebola fears, we worried that the "cry wolf" effect might interfere with real reasons to keep kids home from school.

You know, sometimes it's smart to keep them home to avoid infecting schoolmates and teachers with highly contagious but not life-...Read more

Is a PET/MRI a Better Mousetrap

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In the late 1800s, Ralph Waldo Emerson was credited with saying, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." Even though historians now agree he didn't use those exact words, his concept -- figuring out a better way to do something is great for business -- is a guiding principle that folks take to heart. Since the ...Read more

Salt: A Sprinkling of Misinformation

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In Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere" (old spelling), the Old Salt recounts his harrowing tale of troubles on the high sea. And although he finally lands on solid ground, he can't shake the curse of the salty ocean or that albatross that was hung around his neck.

And we know it's not easy for you to shake off the curse...Read more

Top Seeds

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While the usual suspects Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and Villanova universities landed the top seeds in this year's March Madness, smart oddsmakers kept an eye out for a Gonzaga-type emergence of an unexpected seed. And you should do the same!

The top unexpected seeds that deliver a slam dunk for your ongoing health and help you achieve a ...Read more

Getting Smart About Smartphones

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Around 1880, Alexander Graham Bell prophesized, "One day there will be a telephone in every major city in the USA." About 60 years later, Thomas Watson, chairman and CEO of IBM, went out on a limb saying, "I think there is a world market for as many as five computers." Today, we're looking at an entire generation who don't know what life is like...Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?

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The heavy metal band Manowar became the Guinness World Records' "World's Loudest Band" when they hit 129.5 decibels in a live concert in 1994. And why isn't that cool?

Because permanent hearing loss can happen from listening to 85 dBs for an extended period of time, and it takes only 15 minutes of 100 dBs for that kind of damage to be done. (A...Read more

Wanna Beef Up Your Brain? Exercise Your Muscles

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In the 1988 movie "Twins," Julius and Vincent Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito) are the result of an experiment to produce the perfect child. And you're supposed to accept that the two are genetically identical, yet, in outward appearances, polar opposites.

While that premise may be hard to believe, finding adult twins who have ...Read more

Get Ticked Off Earlier This Year

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During the first days of April, you can enjoy the season openers for major-league baseball teams across the country. It's when the Indians, Yankees and everyone else's team starts off in first place! And now, because of climate change, early April also ushers in the opening of tick season!

We usually mention tick risks in May, which is Lyme ...Read more

How to Rebound

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When LeBron James left the Miami Heat after four seasons, their fortunes went south, and now they're losing three out of every five games. But Miami's loss was the Cleveland Cavaliers' gain. King James went back to the Cavs (he'd left in 2010), and the once-sagging team is rebounding big time, winning two out of three games this season. Is this ...Read more

Soybean Oil: GMO or No?

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Barry Bremen, The Great Imposter, joined the PGA's U.S. Open in 1979 and almost finished a practice round with two pros before being ushered off the course. After that, he put on a Yankees uniform and shagged flies before the All-Star game! (He was arrested during the team photo shoot.) Seems you may claim that you're as good as or even better ...Read more

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