Jean Smart reveals a 'Hacks' season 2 secret: Deborah desperately needs Hannah Einbinder's Ava

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So together, they forge ahead, trying to figure out where Deborah goes from here. The path takes them on a cruise, to a state fair and to small comedy clubs around the country, honing an act that never quite works. Until it does, that is.

Ava’s email, it turns out, struck a chord and caused some hard-fought and harder-ignored self-reflection. Over her career, Deborah has scared off colleagues, her husband and even her own daughter, although she and DJ have fashioned their own makeshift relationship in their later years.

“That’s why it’s then so excruciating to watch her force Ava to read that email to her, because I don’t think Deborah even expected it to be that bad, and it was pretty bad,” Smart said. “Very, very personal.”

Deborah has spent her life making fun of other people. Finally, she realizes she should look inward.

“It’s a big part of what unlocks the show for Deborah once she finally gets there: a middle ground where I’m not the victim but I’m also not fully the antagonist,” showrunner Jen Statsky told The News.


Reinvention isn’t that easy though. Deborah and Ava aren’t going to get the jokes right on the first go. They’ve screwed up, separately and together, and will continue to do so. But they’re better together.

“It’s always one step forward and two steps back, unfortunately. The road to redemption is a jagged one. Will they both get there? I don’t know. The journey is the whole thing. Neither of them is ever going to be perfect people,” Aniello told The News.

“They’re both trying. Just wanting to be a better person, that instinct of ‘maybe I should be,’ is the biggest win.”


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