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Always Be Prepared

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Dear Annie: There's a lot that you and your family can do to alleviate anxiety during these stressful times, especially as we face the potential for an expanding war beyond Ukraine. There are new weapons in play now: cyberattacks, the use of economic sanctions and the expansion of warfare into space.

Using my past experience as emergency ...Read more

Child Care Complications Causing Conflict

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Dear Annie: I am in my 40s and recently single again after 15 years of marriage. I ended my marriage due to domestic violence.

How much of my situation should I share with potential dates? I don't want to share too much too soon, but I am unsure if this is information I should share. The question of why my marriage ended will inevitably be ...Read more

Get Healthy Together

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Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for over 15 years. I have a high metabolism, while she is considered obese. But she wears it well. After having children via cesarean section, her stomach has no muscles left to hold it together.

To me, she is beautiful, inside and out. I feel that she struggles with her weight and body image but ...Read more

Misery With No Company

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Dear Annie: My husband took away all sex and everything that went with it 22 years ago. I hate my wasted life. I divorced him in 2019, but we share a house. Neither of us has kids or relatives close by, so we kind of take care of each other.

I'm at a point where I hate my situation. I basically live in my bedroom and come out only for food, ...Read more

Some Context for Therapy

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Dear Annie: I have an old flame who has been happily married for many years and lives across the country. I would never cross the line, as I have been on that end, and I wish that pain on no one.

How do I get my heart to stop wanting him? I have tried, but out of the blue, I find myself wanting him in my life. How do I let the feelings for ...Read more

Years Later, Sister Is Still Upset

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Dear Annie: Several years ago, my sister's husband passed away. She was married for over 60 years. They had three children. She made plans to have a memorial service on the weekend. He was to be cremated. My family and I made plans to attend. She lives in another city.

She then changed the date of service, to a town an hour from her home. The...Read more

Condo Conundrum

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Dear Annie: Thank you for the wise advice that you give to your readers. I have often taken your advice and applied it to my situation in life. But this is a new issue for me.

A dear friend of mine died a couple of years ago (not of COVID-19). She faced death pragmatically and fearlessly. Having managed the at-home care of her parents when ...Read more

Is It Time for a Marriage Ultimatum?

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Dear Annie: I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years, and we have one child together. We love each other, but we are not married.

I keep asking, "Why is he taking so long to propose marriage?" I've been waiting, but I don't want to wait forever.

We have had many conversations about marriage, and he always says we are married in his mind. ...Read more

Visibility for Foster Youth

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Dear Annie: Something not spoken about regarding oppression, disadvantages and privilege is the privilege people have when they have family.

I grew up in foster care, and I see nearly zero percent representation of former foster youth anywhere in the media or in stories or headlines, unless, of course, it is about someone who entered foster ...Read more

Blindsided and Brokenhearted

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Dear Annie: I have a friend who is moving out of state in six weeks, and she has a family member who is giving her a hard time. The family member is giving her the, "What about me?" song and dance after my friend did everything in her power to make sure the family member is taken care of.

I know it's none of my business, but my friend is like...Read more

Roommate on the Rocks

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Dear Annie: I've been involved with the father of my child for 10 years. Leaving out at least nine years of insanity, I fast-forward to today. He has a drug problem and got clean seven months ago. He's doing well in recovery. We were separated for five years because of his behavior, but after rehab, he came to live with me and our son to try ...Read more

Celebrating Earth Day

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Dear Readers: Today, Earth Day, is a time for reflection on and gratitude for our beautiful planet. If you are looking for some ways to show your appreciation with time or money, below is a list of organizations devoted to environmental sustainability.

-- Community Supported Agriculture. Buying a CSA box allows you to buy local, seasonal ...Read more

Fed Up With Husband's Family

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for three years. Life together has been good since our relationship blossomed almost five years ago. But my in-laws have never supported our relationship because I'm not a member of the Latter-day Saints church, and because our relationship started while we were both separated but not divorced from ...Read more

Privacy in the Age of Home Cameras

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Dear Annie: I have a question about etiquette in our technological age.

I recently discovered that lots of people have cameras inside their own homes, and I found out that one couple with whom we are friendly has several cameras in their home. I discovered this accidentally, when one spouse was looking at their camera on their phone and their...Read more

More Tactful Replies

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Dear Readers: I received so many letters about the column "Tactful Reply" that I wanted to honor your feedback and print some of them below. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful words of wisdom and advice on how to handle these situations. I'm hoping that it helps others know they are not alone in their grief.

Dear Annie: In response to ...Read more

Seeking Support During Separation

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Dear Annie: I have read your column for a long time now, and I always find that you give good advice and wisdom. I've been married for seven years and just recently became separated because my husband would rather be a playboy than a stable and reliable man.

I stood by this abusive and controlling man for years and lost all family and friends...Read more

Spring Has Sprung

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Readers: Wishing you and your families a very happy Easter and Passover week. Spring is a time to get outdoors and play. It is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a time when the flowers begin to bloom and kittens are born. Below are some of my favorite poems about spring and joy and the innocence and beauty of childhood.

"...Read more

Feeling Stuck in a Rut and Down in the Dumps

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Dear Annie: I'm writing to share my feelings about giving up and just being done. I've come to the conclusion that nothing really means diddly anymore, going from day to day in an effort to find happiness and the illusion of caring in anybody. No one gives a rip.

Let me cut through all the nonsense and masks. At 65, I've come to the ...Read more

On the Road to Healing

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Dear Annie: I grew up in an extremely abusive household with a functioning (mean, abusive) alcoholic for a mother. Because of the poor examples I had as a child, I ended up becoming a functioning addict in an abusive relationship of my own. Over the years, I found my way into recovery and therapy, which led to me making some drastic changes in...Read more

Burdened by Boundaries

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Dear Annie: My son is 53 years old -- a good person but an alcoholic. He followed me to Florida 10 years ago. I spent thousands of dollars to get him on his feet. I ended up broke trying to help him. He had gotten fired from three jobs.

I kicked him out five years ago. He managed to get his own place and survive but was then fired again, ...Read more



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