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Cutting Off the Conversation

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Dear Annie: One of my elderly relatives is a real sweetheart, but she also is quite a talker. Our phone conversations go on and on -- for 45 minutes or longer. I do not want to hurt her feelings, but her conversational skills far exceed my listening skills. The only way I can get a word in is to interrupt her from time to time. How can I ...Read more

Should Posterity Get the Whole Truth?

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Dear Annie: I need some advice on what to do about my daily journals. I keep a daily journal and have for many years -- including during a time when my husband was an alcoholic. He's been sober for 27 years. (We are in our late 70s.)

In those journals, I wrote about the times he got drunk -- of his stumbling around in a drunken stupor, of his ...Read more

Dad Worried About Daughter's Relationship Arrangement

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Dear Annie: My 26-year-old daughter is in a serious relationship with a partner 10 years her senior. He comes to the partnership with an established home. What would you advise my daughter to expect or require going into this marriage-like arrangement? Should she expect to be put on the house deed as soon as they are married? What would be fair ...Read more

Dear Annie: A Yo-Yo Relationship

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 29 years. Three years ago, I discovered that he was having an affair. He claimed that the affair was ending anyway, that he loved me and that he wasn't interested in being with the other woman. We went to counseling, together and separately, but after about nine months, he said he wanted a ...Read more

Missing Father After Father-in-Law's Passing

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Dear Annie: Unfortunately, after years of declining health, my wife's father passed away this year. The reason that I'm writing is that, since my father-in-law's death, my wife wants me to not even bring up my dad, who is still alive. It's very extreme. She doesn't even want to see our daughters making arts and crafts to give to my dad.

My ...Read more

Lake House Etiquette

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Dear Annie: We are fortunate to finally own lake property. We are thrilled! We have worked hard, and still work hard, to afford this luxury. We also like to have guests, but please, guests, be on your best manners and observe common courtesies. When you come and stay the weekend with us, bring your own beach towels, swimsuits and food and ...Read more

No Room Offered

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Dear Annie: I am a widow, 78 years old. I have a daughter who's been married for 30 years or more, no children. Next month, we have several family get-togethers planned for a weekend out of town. My daughter and I had planned to travel together for the events. She lives a bit closer to where these events will take place, so the plan is for me ...Read more

Father/Son Rift Is Hurting All

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Dear Annie: I am beside myself. I am tired and frustrated. I married my husband over 17 years ago. He is 11 years older than me. When we married, he had a teenage son. Shortly after we married, his son, in his senior year, decided to go live with his mother on the other side of the world. He would keep in touch with his dad by phone and visit ...Read more

Little Kids and Big Days Can Mean a Huge Mess

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Dear Annie: I guess I need to be brought into 2020 on an issue of wedding etiquette. I lived for several years in the Deep South, and it was a common practice to feed your family before attending a wedding, BBQ or other function, especially when you had children. The reason is so that your spouse and kids would not swarm the appetizer table or...Read more

Friend Is Family

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Dear Annie: I am a female, 67 years old, living alone, no children, and my house is paid for. I live in Virginia.

My only sister (I have no other siblings), Mary, is 70, has a husband, and they have an adult son and adult daughter, all living in Florida. My best friend, Jane, 67, lives a mile from me, and I talk with her on the phone or visit...Read more

The Real You, Warts and All

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Dear Annie: I'm recently divorced and seeing someone. We talk openly about our divorces and ex-spouses. There are no hard feelings either way. She has children, and I don't. We are in our 50s.

I had a prior marriage at a very young age. I was in the service and lonely. It was a long-distance relationship, and we were married within two years....Read more

Split Ceremony Wedding Gifts

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Dear Annie: What's the correct etiquette for giving gifts for "reverse order" weddings? I have seen several times where a couple will first have a small civil ceremony to get married without the immediate expense of a formal wedding. Then, about a year later, they will have a formal wedding and reception, with the wedding shower being held ...Read more

Looking to Demolish this Relationship

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Dear Annie: My husband is in his late 50s and works in road construction. Every time that he is assigned to a job that lasts at least six to eight weeks, he always seems to start trying to pick up a female co-worker, usually in the age range of 25 to 35. He will buy them cigarettes and lunch and drinks and is super sweet to them. He texts them...Read more

Broken Heart During COVID

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Dear Annie: The COVID-19 pandemic broke my relationship. I was with my guy for 14 years, and we live in different towns. When all this stuff started, we both agreed that we couldn't see each other because his elderly mother lives with him. That was all fine. But then I asked him to please stay in contact, by phone or text or email. I waited ...Read more

Have an Open Heart

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Dear Annie: For 25 years, a very close couple would get together with us for a nice meal. We did lots of things including trips and outings. Eighteen months ago, my friend suddenly died. Her husband is now dating a very lovely woman (I hear), and we are glad he is happy.

We expect them to travel to our area this summer, and possibly, we will ...Read more

Racing to Adopt a Greyhound

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Dear Annie: I am about to retire. I don't want to sit around watching TV after retirement, so I'd like to adopt a retired greyhound to keep me company. I had hoped to have him or her certified as my therapy dog.

My husband retired 15 years ago, and he has already developed retirement interests. When he is not pursuing those, he is perfectly ...Read more

Anxious to the Point of Paralysis

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Dear Annie: As birthdays and important holidays approach, like the recent Father's Day, I am forced to reanalyze my social anxiety all over again. I know I should call friends and family members to let them know I'm thinking about them, but I get butterflies in my stomach and put it off for hours because I feel like I never know what to say. ...Read more

Nothing Broken About Single-Parent Homes

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Dear Annie: I am really tired of all this negative news about "broken" families. I raised my two children, and we were not "broken." It is time for single parents (mostly mothers) to band together. I could have made three times as much as I did had I taken those jobs that took me away from my children. We just lived on what I made, not on what...Read more

Unwilling to Change His Cheating Ways

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Dear Annie: My husband has a long history of being unfaithful to me. He says that it isn't cheating because he can't help himself. I've forgiven him five times.

Recently, I discovered that he's been going to a website where a girl talks to him on a webcam. In exchange for their virtual time together, he buys her jewelry, clothes and other ...Read more

Getting Behind the Wheel with Confidence

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Dear Annie: Your column is part of my morning ritual. I have three grandchildren, and they're all approaching the age where they'll be learning how to drive. Our adult children are now 48, 44 and 41. Some years ago, when they were learning how to drive, I came across John Violette's "Contract for Drivers," clipped it, and stowed it away. ...Read more



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