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Ask Amy: A parent confronts a sad Thanksgiving

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My mid-30s daughter lived with a partner for 10 years. He is a horrid and manipulative man.

I accepted that as an adult she could make her own life choices, however misguided I may think they are.

As a "couple," she and her partner attended holiday gatherings at my home.

About a year ago, I heard from my other daughters that she had become engaged to this man, although she never mentioned this to me.

Not long ago, my daughter was in a roadway accident, and she died suddenly and tragically.

Although she is gone, her former partner continues to consider himself a family member, and this is a sentiment that is shared by my late daughter's two sisters.


I have no such feelings about him, and wish never to see him again.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and he expects that he will share a place at our table.

I really do not want this man at the table, although I respect my other daughters' wish to have him be a part of their lives.

How would you recommend that I communicate my sentiments to him and to my daughters?


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