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Ask Amy: Ivy leaguer’s wife wants husband to fly the flag

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband went to a prestigious Ivy League law school.

He has never worn any clothing items or hats featuring his school’s logo.

I noticed last year that college-team coaches were wearing nice-quality, very attractive athletic shirts.

I knew my husband, with his trim but muscular build, would look great in one. I found one with a subdued logo for his law school and was excited to give it to him for his birthday. And he looks great in it!

Now that football season has started, I've twice suggested he wear it when we go out to casual places – once to a winery and again to an outdoor restaurant with friends.

Both times, he made an excuse not to wear it, and so I asked him why.


He has always enjoyed wearing sweatshirts and hats from his undergraduate university, but he admitted he didn't really feel comfortable wearing this shirt because it would make him look like an elitist.

I think he should be proud of attending this law school. It's all over his bio and CV and in Martindale-Hubbell, so what's the big deal if he wears a high-quality shirt with a tasteful logo?

Do you think people generally see this as an elitist thing to do?

– Ivy Leaguer’s Wife


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