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Ask Amy: Elder man worries his daughter has ‘quit’ him

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: As an older male I have seen fundamental changes in all types of relationships.

One change is a reduction in work ambition. Some people chose “quiet quitting” – to do as little as possible and still keep their job.

I see “quiet quitting” in relationships as well, and my daughter has chosen to quietly quit her relationship with me.

She seems happy to see me when we get together (rarely) and there is always a “love you” somewhere – but that’s it.

Her mother and I got divorced 15 years ago when my kids were teenagers. They lived with her full time.

I know that my ex does her best to poison their relationship with me.


My daughter and her husband never proactively contact me or offer to get together, even though I live nearby.

I suggest that they come to my home to celebrate my birthday – but it never happens.

She and her husband had Easter dinner with her mother, but she didn’t even bother to give me a “Happy Easter” phone call.

She even had her mother give her away at her wedding, even though she and her fiancé made sure to visit me to get a substantial check for half the wedding cost.


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