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Ask Amy: Ex-boyfriend’s persistence wears thin

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I dated a former boyfriend over three years ago. We met through a dating app.

I was in the process of moving to the same area where he lived (but not because of him). He broke up with me, and I was OK with that.

Afterward, he contacted me a few more times.

A few months after we broke up, I agreed to meet with him, thinking that it would finally end his contact.

I stated I was not interested in pursuing any relationship.

I blocked him on my phone after the meet-up, and thought it was done.


Since then, he has emailed me several times, once while I was dating my (now) husband. I ignored the email.

He then “friend requested” me on my social media and professional profiles. All rejected.

He emailed me again. I replied, stating that I wished no more contact, as I was now married. My email was short and to the point, but not mean.

He friend-requested me again on social media and even went as far as to email me on my work email shortly after.


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