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Ask Amy: An in-law is tired of being an ‘out-law’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I've been married for 36 years.

Whenever we see my husband's family, there would be a point when the "family" would be in one room and the "not-family" in another.

A few years ago, one of his sisters was very ill and needed help. All the siblings pitched in.

She is healthy now, and it made them realize that they wanted to spend more time together.

However, they exclude the "non-family” in these gatherings.

They get together three or four times a year.


My husband and I moved a distance away a few years ago.

They got together just before we moved and celebrated his birthday.

I was not included.

Last year when we traveled for one of these gatherings, I had dinner with a friend, and then waited for 30 minutes for my husband to come out of the restaurant, where he was with his siblings!


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