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Ask Amy: Enduring friendship marred by drunk-dials

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I have a good friend from college who I've kept in touch with for decades.

He lives in another part of the country, and I see him every few years.

He's had a lot of challenges in life. I've always been a good friend to him, and really care about him. We share a lot of laughs.

Unfortunately, he is an alcoholic.

His daughter once told my husband and me not to confront him about his drinking because he will get defensive.

The last time we saw him, he kept his drinking in check and we had a great visit.


The problem is, he regularly “drinks and dials.”

I don't pick up if he calls in the evening. He sometimes leaves slurring, rambling voicemails for me. I will call him back a few days later during the day when he is sober.

He recently left a particularly drunken voicemail, and I haven't called him back.

I doubt he even remembers leaving the message. He’s called a few times since and hasn’t left a message.


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