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Ask Amy: Cinderella’s gown creates a friendship fracas

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I live with my fiancé and our cat, and I’m really happy.

We are getting married at Disneyland next year!

I have everything I’ve ever wanted for my dream wedding, including riding in Cinderella’s crystal coach.

My mom and I have made a plan to go wedding dress shopping together. I also invited my future mother-in-law to come with us.

My fiancé doesn’t have any sisters and his mom always wanted a daughter. She and I are really close.

The problem is that a friend of mine is really offended. He says he’s bothered that I didn’t ask him to come with me on this dress shopping excursion, but that I did choose to include my fiancé’s mom.


He said it’s usually a bridal party of close friends, or just the bride and mother of the bride who go shopping for a dress.

I plan to go ahead with my plan to include the two most special women in my life. But I am wondering, am I in the wrong?

– Anxious Bride

Dear Bride: Researching your question I have now perused numerous photos of Disneyland brides riding in Cinderella’s crystal coach (which is pulled by four white ponies and guided by a driver and two footmen).


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