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Ask Amy: Donor-conceived children should be told

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Nervous Dad

Dear Dad: Take it from me – if “wait until the kids are older” is your primary strategy for tackling life, you will never leave the house again.

Parenting younger children is often about divide and conquer.

You and your wife should both find something besides work (and outside the home) that engages, invigorates, and connects you with other adults.

You should approach her with the idea that if she can hold down the fort one weeknight, you will take another night (or a weekend morning).

If your wife is overwhelmed by this idea, you might be able to find a pickup game on a Saturday or Sunday, and either take the kids with you, or engage someone to play with the kids while you are playing with the dads.


Dear Amy: Your recent response to a letter from “Feeling Guilty,” which concerned salary discussions and disclosure of compensation in the workplace was woefully incomplete.

Companies may have a policy against salary discussions or at least a culture of non-disclosure.

Just because salary discussions are protected by law does not mean that such conversations are appropriate. There are legitimate reasons why salary increases are provided for some but not others.

If the letter writer shares this personal information in an effort to help the co-worker, it may backfire and damage the letter writer’s career.


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