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Ask Amy: A writer shares, but her reader refuses

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

After we dropped her off and drove back home, he informed me that he’d had second thoughts and was moving his mom back in with us, and understood that meant that I would leave. I am furious and hurt.

He says it's temporary. He minimizes her abusive behavior and even blames me for being combative.

Should I leave the relationship, or am I being too difficult?

– Am I Moving?

Dear Am I Moving?: Yes, you are moving. You are moving because your boyfriend has accepted your non-negotiable and has demonstrated to you that he prefers to live with his mother.

Dear Amy: “Surviving Sister” described a harrowing situation where a “wellness check” on their brother resulted in armed police taking the man away in handcuffs.

People seem to wonder why family estrangements happen. In my opinion, it often comes down to the refusal to acknowledge and apologize for unintended consequences.


– Been There

Dear Been There: I completely agree.


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