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Ask Amy: Friend worries about pandemic’s toxic effect

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don’t think I was alone in this.

– Wondering

Dear Wondering: Generally, if you are interested in or attracted to someone whom you know is in a long-standing monogamous relationship with someone else, respecting that person’s other commitment is the most ethical thing to do, even if it goes against your own self-interest.

It also happens to be an extremely attractive way to behave.

It has been ever thus.

Emotional issues aside, awareness of the risk of contracting STDs has made it important for people to be transparent about their dating and sex lives (even though they often are not).


That having been said, seeing more than one person at a time is not passe.

Playing the field is basically why the internet was invented.

Dear Amy: I love your suggestion to put “a book on every bed.”

I fear however that no matter how many books I give my great-nieces and nephew (my surrogate grandchildren), that they are not read!


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