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Ask Amy: New dater wants timely, textured texts

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am a 25-year-old female who has been single for over a year and a half, after my previous relationship of five years ended.

At the end of this summer, I decided to venture out and start meeting people.

Before meeting a guy in person, I always like to talk to them consistently via text to get a feel for the person and to see how I feel about them.

I've been on three “first dates” with different men (all 30 or 31) and all have ended in similar ways. From my perspective, all the first dates have been positive experiences.

But on every occurrence, the communication comes to a complete halt the day after our date, and two of the three have basically ghosted me.

When I bring up the lack of communication, they have all said they were busy with work or school/finals.


I told them I don't mind that they are busy, but I would appreciate a little more communication (i.e., "Hey, sorry, I was busy today, I hope you had a nice day. Talk to you soon").

I have also told two guys if they are no longer interested in pursuing things, to let me know and I would harbor no ill will but would like to know the truth.

Instead, they again opted to simply say, "I have just been so busy."

At this point, I am only in touch with the one I went out with last week.


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