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Ask Amy: Abusive ex-husband now wants to share cabin

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was married to “Bart” for several years. We divorced some time ago.

Last year we got back together but did not remarry.

As it had always been our dream to buy a cabin in the woods, last year we found a property to purchase.

We split the cost equally.

A month ago, he beat me up, threatened to kill me, and kicked me out with no money or job.

Fortunately, I had kept my apartment. He has an RV on the property where the cabin is located.


Now he is telling me it's all in the past. He wants me to come back, forgive and forget. Nope.

I want to sell the property, and he is refusing. He says he will never leave, that it's half mine and I can come back anytime, and when he dies, he will leave his half to his three sons and I will have to deal with them then.

What must I do?

I want to sell and be done with this horrible nightmare.


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