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Ask Amy: Friend needs a different kind of wake-up call

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You should find a way to convey to him: “Honey, you can either enjoy this gift along with me, or go and sulk. It’s your choice.”

Dear Amy: “Family Afterthought” expressed frustration that their birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving every year.

I too, have a holiday birthday. Mine is Christmas Day.

My parents quickly told everyone that it was not my fault when I was born and that we would celebrate both Christmas and my birthday as two separate events, never joined.

Our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve and my birthday on Christmas Day.

I have had only two “real” birthday parties, both surprises, and for momentous years.

This has worked for me and my “birthdays” are some of my most cherished memories.


– Another Holiday Birthday

Dear Another: A Christmas birthday truly offers up challenges, as well as abundant decorating ideas.

I assume that at least once during your childhood you were photographed lying in a manger, attended by three Wise Men bearing gifts?


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