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Ask Amy: Veterans respond to tough homecomings

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Readers: I recently ran a letter from “Old Veteran,” who noted that, as a Vietnam vet, he feels quite uncomfortable when people say “Thank you for your service.”

Old Veteran noted that “There are many wounds that have never healed” because of the way service members were treated when they returned home from Vietnam.

I later ran a response from “Upset,” who claimed that this mistreatment was an “urban myth.”

These letters have prompted hundreds of responses from other veterans – and those who love them. Some of these responses are below.

On this Veterans Day, I’d like to say to all service members: Thank you.

Veterans who have been mistreated when they returned stateside after serving in unpopular wars report that they have yearned to hear these two words: Welcome home.


Dear Amy: The letter from “Old Veteran” made me cry.

I too was subjected to a lot of nastiness coming home after my service was completed. The day I got home and changed my clothes was the last day I ever talked about being in the service. I moved away from my neighborhood and never told a soul that I had been in the military.

So, please tell ‘Upset’ that this is not an urban myth. I would tell that person to reach out and speak to some Vietnam vets, if they have the guts to hear the truth about how this country handled itself during this time.

– Detroit Mike


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