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Ask Amy: Relatives aren’t thankful for political discord

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband and I are in our late-60s. We have no children.

We are usually invited by nieces and nephews to join them for Thanksgiving dinner.

My problem concerns my brother, “Jack,” who inevitably brings up topics that we do not agree with (he believes that COVID is just a mild flu, vaccines are not useful, the last election was stolen, the current president is stupid, climate change is a hoax, etc.).

Most of the family supported the former president in the last election; we are probably the only ones in the family who voted Democratic.

At one of the last family get-togethers, Jack and another family member were having a discussion in front of my husband, saying that most Democrats don't go to church and don't have morals.

My husband didn't say anything, but he was offended.


Although we would like to see family members, we think we will just stay home for Thanksgiving.

When and if we are invited, I can say that we made other plans, but someone will inevitably ask what we are doing.

Should I just tell Jack that I am tired of him bringing up inflammatory topics, and I am staying home?

I know he will not refrain from bringing up these topics, and he is very dogmatic in his views.


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