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Ask Amy: Guest’s choice to post wedding video upsets couple

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My pride in him is a bit offset by the embarrassment I feel for my husband.

He insists on wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts with the school's logo (a lot!), including at (social-distanced) gatherings with neighbors and on Zoom calls with friends and family.

I think this is boastful and obnoxious, and occasionally insensitive, as we know that some of those people are still going through the college admissions process.

He doesn't see anything wrong with it.

Am I in the wrong here?

— Irked by the Ivy


Dear Irked: The most socially sensitive response to your child’s early-decision result is to wait to do your victory dance about it in front of other anxious parents until the regular admissions season has concluded (usually April 1).

You should absolutely mention your son’s acceptance with pride and also relief that the whole thing is over. No doubt, he worked hard to gain his early-decision, and there is no need to hide his accomplishment under a bushel.

Dad parading in a T-shirt, however, is a bit much.

With friends and family members on Zoom calls – if none of them are currently going through this particular Dante’s ring – go ahead and break out the T-shirt and hoot and holler.


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