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Boss's affair affects office morale

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am convinced that my (married) boss is having an affair with a co-worker, and it is driving me mad.

All literature I have read says to leave it alone, but it is so demoralizing for me in my role at work that I feel completely stuck.

I am sales manager and he is director of sales. She is an administrative assistant and has no role in sales. They go on "sales calls" for hours and hours every few days. Not once have they brought back a lead. When I go on a sales call, I am mandated to file a report and do follow-up.

When they are out, they don't answer phone calls. They have spent literally hours "buying office supplies" at the local supply store. Hours!

They giggle and flirt endlessly, including going into quiet places in the office where they then whisper to one another.

She knows details about the company and its direction that no other staff member knows.


I once got in early and almost caught them in the act (I think), but of course I have no proof.

I try and ignore it -- I really do - but on a professional level I feel like there are different rules for her and the rest of the staff. She has had three pay rises in five months, and no one else has. She is also quite mean and backstabs co-workers.

Meanwhile, I feel unappreciated and feel that I am carrying the weight of the company. I find it hard to be motivated. My boss is never here!

I am miserable at work. I have started applying for any job I can grab, just to get out!


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