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Anxious bridesmaid feels she ruined a wedding

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My best friend and I have been drifting apart, due to conflicting schedules, but we still always tried to make time for each other.

Last year she asked me to be maid of honor for her wedding. I was flattered and very nervous, as I have severe social anxiety.

Eventually, she "demoted" me to bridesmaid and had another person step in. This did not cause any problems; I was actually relieved.

When the day finally came, I had a major panic attack right before we walked down the aisle. I was very unsteady, and the groomsman basically held me up and was very kind as we walked up the aisle.

However, when he finally had to let me go so we could each go to our place, I tripped over my foot and fell. I was mortified, but I got back up and stood in my place.

After the ceremony, I burst out in tears to the maid of honor. I felt I had ruined the wedding. She was very kind and offered me words of comfort. I calmed down and everything seemed fine the rest of the night.


Now fast forward eight months later, and I have not heard a word from the bride. I apologized profusely for what I did -- and nothing. I have to assume that this has to do with her wedding because I have no idea what else it may be.

What do I do?

-- The Banished Bridesmaid

Dear Banished: I am happy that you were surrounded by comfort and kindness during your frightening anxiety attack.


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