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Pot smoking dad wonders if he should in front of the kids

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am the father of a boy and a girl, ages 9 and 11.

I live in Colorado, and smoke marijuana. I did not start smoking regularly until it was legal here.

My kids do not know that I smoke pot, but they are not stupid -- my eyes may be red, or the smell may linger when I come in from smoking in the garage. I do not smoke in the house or out in the open for the kids or anyone else to see.

I've come to a crossroads, however, and I'm not sure what to do if the kids ask me about it. I feel it is important to be honest. My wife thinks I should protect them from thinking that their father is doing drugs.

I tell my wife that it's like alcohol, and should only be used when you're older and the brain has fully developed.

But she continues to insist that I should lie.

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What I am doing is not illegal. I can't imagine I am the only person dealing with such an issue, with so much legalization going on around the country.

What do you think about this?

-- Unsure

Dear Unsure: The awkwardness of explaining various (unhealthy) habits to children has inspired many people to rethink these habits. If you are too embarrassed to do this openly, then perhaps you shouldn't do it at all.


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