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You bet your life

Groucho Marx's comedy game show "You Bet Your Life" premiered on NBC in 1950. One favorite piece of shtick was the lowering of a Groucho-faced duck from the rafters if a contestant happened to say that day's secret word. The prize? $100.

These days, there is no prize if you bet your life by skipping the available COVID-19 vaccines and boosters....Read more

Country Living

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There are a lot of pluses to living in the country, such as open space and fresh air.

Good health, however, may not be one of them. A new CDC report compared working-age Americans who lived in rural or small urban counties with their counterparts living in large urban counties. All were asked to rate their health.

Rural folks rated theirs ...Read more

Nutrition News: Plant Protein

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Having a more plant-forward diet is important for a lot of health reasons but leaving out meat altogether may not be best for children, teenagers, breastfeeding women and older Americans.

In a study from the University of Illinois and Colorado State University, researchers found that the protein in plant-based burgers wasn't digested as much as...Read more