Rock icon Dale Bozzio talks Prince marriage proposal, hanging with Frank Zappa

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Q: One of the most tragic lines in this book is your childhood recollection, “I remember no one hugged me.” That just about broke me.

A: Yeah, that’s crazy, right? No one hugged me. I hug everyone (now). I see you. I tell you I love you. And I hug you. And that’s it. And maybe I tell you I’m proud of you, too.

Q: In the book, you describe your years as a Playboy Bunny as some of the best of your life. I had to laugh when I got to the part where you finally meet Hugh Hefner, and he’s actually wearing satin pajamas and holding a pipe.

A: Exactly how you picture him, that’s how it was. After that meeting, in all the time I spent with Frank Zappa, I always made sure I gave him a present on his birthday — smoking jackets, just like Hugh Hefner.

Q: An invitation to live at the Playboy Mansion brought you to L.A., but you ended up working with Zappa instead. What was that like?

A: There was so much laughter and so much music. I am really good at cracking jokes, and I’m sarcastic all day long. Frank would laugh hysterically.


Terry (Bozzio) and I and Frank would drink cognac some nights. And I would have to go sneak out back and smoke my little joint. There was no smoking weed around Frank. No drugs. None of that. Cigarettes, OK. Cognac, OK. And coffee. Everything else you had to be a sneak.

Q: The association with Zappa, of course, led directly to starting Missing Persons with Terry Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo.

A: With Terry and Warren, I was in paradise musically. There is just no way around it. I don’t even know how lucky I could be to have that happen in my life — Frank saying one day, “You three should put a band together and call yourselves the Cute Persons.” We laughed and said, “No, Frank, we’re not cute. We’re radical.” So Terry and Warren said, “We’ll name ourselves the Missing Persons” — because we were missing from Frank.

Q: You talk a lot about old flames and flings in the book. I had no idea you had a romantic relationship with Henry “the Fonz” Winkler.


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