'SNL' cast members take a stroll with 'Nature Cat'

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"But we've never recorded together. Not once, I'm realizing," says Moynihan. Regardless, it was a chance for Micucci to continue a dream of hers.

"I just recently reread my journals, and I couldn't believe how many times I had in there 'I just really want to do cartoon voices,'" said Micucci. "I'm always up for whatever, but the great thing about 'Nature Cat' is that it's so earnest, and I always learn. Every time there's a new script I'm like 'No way! [Stalactites] do that?!' I'm just always being blown away by the nature part of it."

The nature part of it is key to the show's mission. The Rudmans have consultants to make sure the themes are digestible for younger viewers, and impart messages of getting out in nature and respecting it as you explore. Again, the "SNL" connection isn't the first thing you think of when pondering environmentally sound entertainment.

"Me and Taran just help with the real smart scientific stuff," said Moynihan jokingly.

"Yeah. Me and Bobby are sent out to backpack into whatever terrain we're going to be covering that season. Live off the land ... No!," says Killam. "I don't think you hire Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan from 'SNL' for their nature authenticity. We're here to be loud and entertaining and goofy."

In that vein, we asked the actors which "SNL" cast members might be best suited to make cameos on the show, and what animal would they voice?

"I'm gonna say Will Forte as an armadillo," says Killam.

"I'm gonna say Will Forte as Goat Boy. Forte doing Jim Breuer's Goat Boy," says Moynihan.


"I don't think Molly Shannon has been on the show," says Micucci. "I think she could play anything, but let's see. Maybe a really fun and zippy squirrel or gopher. She has a lot of positive energy."

The show has that positive energy as well. The main characters have helped birds fly south for the winter and even built bat boxes for new friends. Are there any current environmental issues or causes that they may want to bring up for the kids?

"Probably the Supreme Court's recent decisions," says Killam.

"I was gonna say horseshoe crabs," says Moynihan.

"Argh. You took my answer," says Killam. "But I love volcanoes. I would do more volcano content."


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