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Here is How the GOP Can Offer the American Dream... to Migrants

Wayne Allyn Root on

Last week I wrote about my support of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's strategy to send migrants from the border to wealthy, elitist, liberal towns across America. The main reason I loved it so much is because I invented the strategy. It was my idea from a decade ago. But mostly, I love the idea because it works to perfection.

This strategy has hit a BULL'S-EYE.

Liberal, elitist heads are exploding across America. Can't you hear the indignation? "How dare you send poor migrants to our town, to our neighborhood, to our home. That's why we have walls and armed security forces. We don't live like the little people."

The more Democrats talk, the more they destroy themselves.

Democrats have been exposed as the horrible, spoiled-brat hypocrites they are. California Gov. Gavin Newsom actually suggested DeSantis be charged with kidnapping for sending 50 refugees to Martha's Vineyard. But Democrats are the real kidnappers here.

That's Saul Alinsky strategy. Alinsky wrote "Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer," a communist playbook dedicated to the devil (see the dedication on page four). Alinsky advised his fellow radical Marxists to look in the mirror. He advised, "Whatever you see, whatever you've done, blame it on your opposition."


Democrats look in the mirror and they see President Joe Biden and his communist cabal destroying America with open borders, waving 5 million migrants into this country in only a year and a half. That makes Biden a traitor. I believe he should be impeached and removed from office on charges of treason to his country.

And that also makes Biden guilty of human trafficking, as well. It can be argued Biden is a partner of the Mexican drug cartels. He is reportedly flying millions of migrants in the dead of night, at taxpayer expense, to towns across this country. I repeat -- by any measure of common sense, or the United States Constitution -- Biden is guilty of treason. He is leading a communist attack and foreign invasion of his own country.

Hey, Democrats: you can stop the Alinsky charade. We all know exactly what game you're playing.

So, it's of utmost importance to keep the pressure up. Keep humiliating wealthy, elitist liberals. Keep humiliating open-borders Democrat politicians. Keep exposing them all as the hypocrites and frauds they are. As a matter of fact, we need to expand this strategy.


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