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Nikki Haley Is the New Liz Cheney!

Wayne Allyn Root on

What a loser Nikki Haley has become. And it didn't have to be this way. I wonder how much money the three "D"s bribed her with -- Democrats, the D.C. swamp and the deep state.

Was it cash in offshore accounts? Was it offers to join major boards of directors at Fortune 500 firms after the primary? Was it a book deal with a $10 million advance? Was it a guarantee of $100,000 corporate speeches lined up for the next four years? Did they offer Haley a seat on "The View"? Maybe even her own daytime talk show?

This much I know: Someone gave her one hell of a multimillion-dollar offer that leaves her set for life. Why else would she be so willing to endure such humiliation and futility? Why else would such a smart and talented woman agree to commit career suicide?

Because there's no ifs, ands or buts -- Haley's career is finished. As in kaput. As in shambles. As in Charles Manson would have the same odds of winning a GOP race ever again. They both have zero chance.

And when this GOP primary began, Haley had a pretty good resume. South Carolina House of Representatives. Governor. United Nations ambassador. Perhaps the most famous female politician in the GOP. She was a guest on my nationally syndicated radio show two years ago, and she gave one of the best interviews of any guest I've ever had on my show. She was that talented.

Until she decided to backstab President Donald Trump; viciously badmouth Trump; accept tens of millions of dollars in donations from Democrats, RINOs, deep staters and assorted villains with "Trump Derangement Syndrome"; support wasting billions of taxpayer dollars in Ukraine; promote wars all over the globe; defend open borders; and destroy her career by insulting conservative MAGA voters (the base of the GOP).


Now she couldn't get elected dog catcher.

Haley has either been bribed or she is delusional. She may simply suffer from the same mental illness as Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. She thinks the key to success in the GOP is "in the middle." But there is no middle. Not in the GOP, or the Democratic Party. To be in the middle means you stand for nothing; you make no one happy.

There is only one thing in the middle of the road: ROADKILL.

Delusional fools like Cheney falsely believe there is a voting block that likes her and appreciates her standing up to Trump. Wrong. There is no one who likes her. Liz Cheney has a fan club of one -- her father Dick (aptly named).


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