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President Trump, Ending Inflation Tomorrow is Really This Easy and Simple if We Follow the Plan!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Inflation is a disaster. It is destroying our economy. It is destroying our paychecks and buying power. It is destroying the great American middle class. It is destroying our retirement plans. And it's destroying jobs. President Joe Biden claims we are creating jobs. We are -- only millions of crappy, part-time jobs for unskilled, uneducated illegal aliens.

The American Dream is on life support.

And while inflation may go up from here -- or be down in any given month -- the reality is inflation is here to stay. It may not soar again like the first three years of the Biden administration, but whether it continues going up from here is beside the point.

We already have a base that few Americans can afford. Everything we buy is already up dramatically from the good old Trump days. And those high prices are the new base.

But many other products and services are skyrocketing. They are not staying at the base:

-- Auto insurance is skyrocketing.


-- Home insurance is skyrocketing.

-- Health insurance is skyrocketing.

-- Doctor and hospital bills are skyrocketing.

-- Electric bills are skyrocketing.


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