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Every Terrible, Evil Thing Happening In America Is Courtesy of China, Obama and Satan! Here's How They're Doing It!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Our country is on the verge of so many bad things. A "communist color revolution" is going on right now, complete with censorship, weaponization of government against our own citizens, witch hunts and "communist show trials" (see President Donald Trump and Jan. 6 prisoners/hostages).

Soon we could face revolution, anarchy, civil war, societal collapse -- and to anyone who isn't blind, deaf or very dumb, World War III is already here.

All of this is happening in my opinion because of China and the Chinese Communist Party. They've created it, produced it, coordinated it, and they've made it happen by bribing the entire Democratic Party and every Democrat politician, a large percentage of the establishment GOP and all the key U.S. government bureaucrats.

How do I know? Just answer these questions:

-- Who has the most to gain from the unimaginable division, damage and destruction going on in America today?

-- Who is our biggest rival?


-- Who is our avowed enemy?

-- Who wants to become the No. 1 economy in the world?

-- Who wants to dominate the world?

China and the CCP have the motive and the most to gain.


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