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'The Art of the Deal': I Have a Way for Trump To Turn the COVID Vaccine Into Biggest Win-Win of All Time!

Wayne Allyn Root on

TV and radio commentator Alex Jones just warned President Donald Trump to stop praising the COVID vaccine, after the latest Trump post at Truth Social over the weekend.

I agree and disagree with Alex.

First, Trump is leading for president in every poll. I believe he is on his way to a landslide so large that even a rigged election can't stop him. There are more important issues affecting America today: The open border and the current foreign invasion of America is No. 1. The failing economy is No. 2. The national debt is No. 3. The start of World War III is No. 4. And towering over all of them is inflation that is destroying the lives of the middle class. So, Trump can win the election without the COVID vaccine issue being a big factor.

Secondly, Trump isn't to blame for any problems with the COVID vaccine. He's not a doctor, scientist or medical researcher. He's a billionaire business mogul. He had to go with the advice he got from his medical experts -- all of whom lied to him about every aspect of the pandemic, lockdowns, masks and the vaccine. That's on them, not Trump.

Third, Trump did what he had to, to reopen our economy. There was clearly a conspiracy by groups with an interest in seeing our country and economy fail -- whether to enslave us in communism, destroy capitalism or simply defeat Trump. It involved some combination of the deep state, D.C. swamp, Democrats, China and the Chinese Communist Party. Their goal was to lock us down for years. Trump defeated their plan by developing the vaccine in record time.

So, I understand why he is so proud of his accomplishment. He saved America, the U.S. economy, tens of millions of American jobs, and capitalism with his "Operation Warp Speed."


But ... I also agree with Alex that Trump praising the COVID vaccine is a big mistake.

For a guy who always wins and loves to negotiate "win-win" deals, President Trump needs to understand the COVID vaccine is the world's biggest "lose-lose."


Stay away from it like a grenade!


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