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'Do You Believe in Miracles?' Something Supernatural Is Happening With President Trump. We Are All Witnessing 'The Trump Miracle!'

Wayne Allyn Root on

"Do you believe in miracles?" Remember those words by sports broadcaster Al Michaels when the underdog U.S. Hockey team won the Olympic Gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics. History has branded that game...

"The Miracle on Ice."

See, in real life, miracles do happen. We live in a negative, cynical world. Few of us really believe in miracles -- and even fewer believe a miracle is happening, even when it's happening right in front of us. But miracles happen all the time.

You just have to be open to seeing and believing in miracles.

I believe a miracle, sent directly by God, is happening right in front of us, right now. You just have to open your eyes.

President Donald Trump is that miracle.


He's sometimes crude and rude. He offends so many. He angers so many. "The powers that be" want him stopped at any cost -- even if they have to frame him by making up crimes that never happened.

He faces so many indictments and trials. He faces over 700 years in prison. He is being fined hundreds of millions of dollars and banned from conducting business. If he doesn't spend the rest of his life in prison, he could end up losing his empire to bankruptcy.

He is painted as "Hitler" and "KKK" and a "white supremacist." We are told he is "a threat to democracy." If elected, his critics say, he will destroy America.

Virtually everyone in power is against him -- from the D.C. swamp to the deep state to the military-industrial complex (that wants wars around the world) to his own government agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA) who frame him and spy on him.


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