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Trump is 100% Right About the Jews!

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The liberal media is outraged at President Donald Trump. AGAIN. Trump pointed out that Jews who vote Democrat are voting against their own self-interest -- and it makes no sense. That's like the police chief in Casablanca being shocked there's gambling in that casino!

I am a Jewish American. I'm also a Republican-conservative, MAGA, America-First, Trump warrior and patriot. I'm "all in" for President Trump. We either elect Trump on Nov. 5, or both America and Israel face unprecedented danger and decline.

I understand that. Far too many of my fellow Jews do not.

Just 48 hours ago, I was honored to interview my great friend President Donald J. Trump for the 15th time. It's a reflection of our special relationship. We are "a mutual admiration society." I appreciate what Trump has done for America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, peace and prosperity, border security, and of course, his unrivaled support for America's best friend and ally, Israel.

And in return, I believe Trump appreciates my loyalty, unwavering support and fiery defense of him and his record of accomplishments.

Trump and I enjoyed another of our always controversial interviews on my television show "The ROOT Reaction," airing weeknights on Real America's Voice TV network.


Sadly, raw truth is considered "controversial" nowadays.

Trump introduced me recently at a rally by saying, "My good friend and TV/radio host Wayne Allyn Root always gets me in trouble. In every interview with Wayne, I wind up in trouble."

Oops. We did it again.

In our latest interview, we covered a lot of ground about the massive lies and propaganda of the Biden administration about the economy, jobs, inflation and open borders. We discussed Trump's latest decision about the controversial topic of abortion. We discussed Biden getting us into World War III on multiple fronts. You can watch here:


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