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Republicans Are From Mars and Democrats Are From Uranus

Wayne Allyn Root on

Everyone has heard about the terrible, tragic Texas school shooting. As usual, Democrats see this as an opportunity to blame guns... and Republicans. They will demand gun bans, strict gun control and gun confiscation. So, what else is new?

This tragic shooting is just more proof that we live in a country that is bitterly divided. So divided that the two sides -- Right and Left, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal -- can't agree on anything.

We appear headed for a divorce --because it's clear neither side can live with the other. There is no way to compromise when two sides see things so differently. It's like night and day. It's almost as if...

Republicans are from Mars and Democrats are from Uranus.

Here are the 12 lessons I've learned from this tragedy. I'm certain tens of millions of conservative patriots see it the exact same way. Wanna bet?

No. 1: Guns aren't the problem. "Gun-free zones" are the problem. They are killing fields. They are an open invitation for mentally deranged criminals and criminally insane madmen to walk in and start shooting. "Gun-free zone" signs are like a blinking neon sign in Vegas screaming, "Come on in and kill us. We are helpless, defenseless and weak."


No. 2: Guns didn't cause this tragedy. But a good guy with a gun sure ended it. An armed border agent killed the bad guy, thereby saving lives. That should be the headline.

No. 3: We need more good guys (and gals) with guns to stop bad guys. Every school needs armed security. There should be only a single point of entry to every school, and a guard must always protect that entrance. All other doors to the school need to be locked and secured.

No. 4: Backing up the armed security at every school should be teachers and/or administrators with guns and professional gun training.

No. 5: How can we afford all this? I've argued from day one it was a disastrous decision and tragic mistake to give another $40 billion to Ukraine. We need to worry about America. We could have used that $40 billion here at home. Half of it ($20 billion) should have been used to pay for armed security at every school in America.


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