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What Difference Does Proving a Stolen Election Make? All the Difference in the World!

Wayne Allen Root on

Remember that famous Hillary Clinton line about Benghazi? She asked, "What difference does it make?" She meant it's over; it's old news; why rehash it now? Nothing will change. Of course, that was convenient for Clinton and former President Barack Obama. They lied, and heroes died at Benghazi. The last thing Clinton or Obama wanted was an investigation.

Democrats are saying the same thing now about the 2020 election. They say: "What difference does it make? Donald Trump lost. It's over. The election is certified. Joe Biden is the president. Nothing will change. You're all wasting your time." Again, that's pretty convenient.

We are a nation of laws. That's what made America the greatest nation in world history. Without laws, investigations, arrests and convictions, we might as well be Haiti, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or Zimbabwe, or Mexico or any other lawless socialist hellhole around the world. Where people live in misery and malaise, with no rights, while the government, despots and ruthless criminals do whatever they want to the people.

We are America. We can't let that happen. We must investigate and pursue justice, no matter where it leads.

Forensic audits will uncover the truth. And the truth will set us free. The truth will prove -- even to Democrats and dummies (I know, I repeat myself) -- that we were right. Trump was cheated. The election was rigged and stolen. Trump is the real president. Biden is not the rightful president of the United States.

You can feel it. The tide has turned. We are so close to proving Arizona and Georgia were stolen. Some legislators from other states want to plan forensic audits. Soon all the dominoes will fall.


Proving the election was stolen will make all the difference in the world. Of course, Democrats and the fake news media frauds know that. That's precisely what they're so afraid of. They're scared to death the truth is about to come out.

And yes, they're scared to death because they don't know where this will lead; they don't know what the citizens will do once they realize the election was rigged and stolen.

Democrats will say it's too late. They will argue: "Nothing can be done. Stolen election or not, Biden is president, end of story. Tough luck." I'm not an elections lawyer or a constitutional scholar. I'll leave the question of whether Trump can be reinstated as president up to legal experts.

But I know this: Bad things will happen to the Democrats if it's proven they stole the election. All hell will break loose. Democrats are in a world of trouble, and they know it.


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