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Trump has a pathway to victory. You're about to learn a lesson in the 'Trump rules'

Wayne Allyn Root on

First, let me predict that this election is far from over. President Donald Trump will neither give up nor give in. He'll take the fight to a level no one in American politics has ever seen. I see a clear and reasonable pathway for Trump to overturn the results for a stunning reelection victory that will shock the world. More on that later.

I know Donald J. Trump better than anyone. I've been studying him for 40 years. It started when I was a freshman at Columbia University in Manhattan. Trump was 33 years old and well on his way to becoming the king of New York real estate.

By the time I graduated Columbia in 1983, Trump was opening Trump Tower, the most amazing skyscraper in New York. I was hooked. Trump became my mentor, hero and role model. Like every young businessman in New York, I wanted to be like Trump.

I reviewed his every move. Trump was my MBA course. After a while, I knew Trump so well that I could predict his every move. I kept notes. Soon these notes turned into a book -- over 300 pages long. And I practiced what I preached. I took these "Trump Rules" and lived them.

Before long, this SOB (son of a butcher) from the wrong side of the tracks, without a dime and without any connections, was living a fairy tale. In short order, I became one of the youngest political candidates in New York state history, one of the youngest TV hosts and anchormen on American TV, a bestselling author, and, soon after that, the media dubbed me "the king of Vegas sports gambling."

I became a self-made millionaire at 29 and bought a home on the beach in Malibu, California.


I enjoyed remarkable success in multiple careers: politics, business, television, publishing and gambling. Sound familiar? Those are the exact careers of Donald J. Trump.

The "Trump Rules" changed my life.

Why do I tell you all this? First, because my latest book, "Trump Rules," is being released this week. It could change your life, too, no matter if you hate Trump or love Trump. And whether Trump eventually loses his bid for president or makes the greatest comeback in history and overturns the results of this election, I'll report the same thing. Donald J. Trump is amazing. He's more than a person; he's a living legend. He is one of the most remarkable men to ever walk this planet. And the best is yet to come.

Learning, modeling and living the rules of Trump's life can be life-changing for anyone, in any career. Love him or hate him, we all have something to learn and gain from these "Trump Rules."


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