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Trump's 'miracle economy' will lead him to victory

Wayne Allyn Root on

Think about it. Trump's economy hit the best number in history without New York or California or a dozen other deep-blue Democratic states run by insane, out-of-control socialist tyrants. Holy cannoli.

But it gets better. On Friday, the government announced U.S. core retail sales were up a stunning 9.1% year to year -- the greatest rise in America's history. Again, this happened while a dozen blue states were still mostly shut down. They didn't even have indoor dining in California and most of New York City in September.

Trump is winning Wimbledon with both legs and one arm tied behind his back!

Wait. There's more proof that Trump has led us to a magnificent comeback. The engine of the U.S. economy is small business. Small business creates most of the jobs and pays most of the taxes. Optimism of small-business owners climbed to an all-time high in September. Even more significant, the National Federation of Independent Business optimism index October reading of 204 points was the highest since January. That means small-business owners are the most excited and optimistic they've been since before the pandemic.

By the way, economists predicted this small-business optimism index would rise to between 99 and 102 in September. Instead, it doubled to 204, something no one imagined possible. Under President Trump's leadership, we are all the way back from the brink -- without New York or California or the rest of insane deep-blue America.


So, of course Trump is about to win reelection, thanks to the Trump Miracle Economy. No one is handing this economy to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


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