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Trump's 'miracle economy' will lead him to victory

Wayne Allyn Root on

Of course, President Donald Trump is headed for another election victory on Nov. 3. Why should anyone be shocked? Trump is proving once again why he's the GOAT (the greatest economic president of all time). He created perhaps the greatest economy in U.S. history before COVID-19. And now he's doing it again!

Who's gonna vote against that?

Remember the brilliant wisdom of Democratic strategist James Carville: "It's the economy, stupid." Americans can argue, debate and infuriate all day about Trump's tweets, offensive language and policies. But in the end, they always make their voting decisions based on their wallets.

Can Democrats beat the guy who just produced the highest economic growth in America's history? No way, Jose. That's about to be announced on Oct. 29, just five days before the election. It will prove Trump has done it again, that he has rebuilt the world's greatest economy -- again.

The first time, Trump had to rebuild former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden's disastrous economy. How bad was their economy? Obama-Biden was the only presidential team in history -- since 1776 and George Washington -- to never once hit an annual 3% gross domestic product (economic growth). Even former President Franklin D. Roosevelt had 3% GDP or higher, and that was just after the depths of the Great Depression. But not Obama-Biden.

Obama and Biden were even worse when it came to jobs. It took them four years to get unemployment below 8%. But after the start of the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic, when unemployment hit 14%, it took Trump only five months to get unemployment back under 8%.


Trump is so talented he got us out of a Great Depression in five months.

Let's go back to GDP. Because economic growth is what really matters. That's how you create jobs. That's how you make Americans feel "better off." The Atlanta Fed is projecting the third-quarter GDP number released on Oct. 29 will be 34.6%. That would be the fastest quarterly economic growth in history. Even if the projection is high, even if the number comes in at 30%, or 27%, or 25%, it would still be the highest in America's history, by a wide margin.

But wait; it gets better. Trump achieved this miracle with a large portion of the country closed for business. Trump did it with deep-blue states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Michigan mostly locked down and closed for business for most of the quarter.

What if all those states had been open for business? The GDP might be 40%, 50% or even (gasp) 60%. As I told Yahoo Finance a few days ago in an interview, Trump's economic miracle is like him playing in the Wimbledon final and winning in straight sets, with both legs and one arm tied behind his back.


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