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Was this our last Fourth of July?

Wayne Allyn Root on

Was this past weekend the last time we will celebrate the Fourth of July? Right now, that certainly looks possible.

In 2014, I wrote the book "The Murder of the Middle Class." Don't look now, but sadly ... tragically ... it's really happening. The left is crazy, extreme, radical, violent and ready for civil war. The Republican right -- outside of President Trump -- is a bunch of pathetic wimps ready to raise the white flag. We are the closest we've ever been to losing America.

Have you ever seen as many spineless Republican politicians as we see today? Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group that is said to fund the Democratic National Committee. Republican Sen. Mike Braun says he supports Black Lives Matter. He also supports eliminating qualified immunity for cops. That's the end of police in America. With Republicans like him, who needs enemies?

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter. How can anyone be such a dupe?

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson, James Langford and John Cornyn want to replace the federal holiday Columbus Day with Juneteenth? Talk about spineless cowards.

We are in the midst of a war to save America, and clearly, these are not people you want in your foxhole. So, let's ignore the Republican politicians. They're useless. Now is the time. You either stand for America or stand against America. There is no middle ground.


It's up to us -- the people. We need to save this country. If Republican politicians are too weak, feckless, cowardly or corrupt to help us, it's time to take the matter into our own hands. "If it is to be, it is up to me." Screw the politicians. Get off the bench, and get in the game.

If Trump isn't reelected, the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Pelosi-Soros cabal will quickly turn America into Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro proved how quickly it can be done. Democrats may not even need a second term. Although, with approval of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, future terms for Democrats will never be in question. The votes will have been tallied before the elections.

And Basement Biden is no moderate. He's now a hostage of the extreme radical left. The crowd of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now owns Biden. He's "all in" for the Green New Deal. His plan for tax increases is nearly four times bigger than Hillary Clinton's socialist tax plan. And what was Biden's response when asked if he supported trillions of dollars for reparations for black Americans? "Only if you include Native Americans."

Biden will implement free health care, free college and guaranteed income; defund the police; open borders; and -- his personal favorite -- destroy the suburbs with high-density, low-income public housing. And that is only the start.


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