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'If I were the devil'

Wayne Allyn Root on

Paul Harvey first wrote a commentary with the same title in 1965.

I think it is clearly time for me to update it for 2020.

I'm a God-fearing and God-loving American patriot.

I am a Jew who took Jesus Christ as my savior almost 30 years ago.

Today, I feel the devil all around us, like never before in my lifetime ... in any lifetime.

This coronavirus crisis has the devil's evil fingerprints all over it.


Not certain I'm right?

If I were the devil, if evil were my middle name, I'd love the deep state, the corrupt Washington, D.C., swamp and, most of all, its PR division, the liberal media.

I'd love big government, globalists, communists, socialists and Marxists -- anyone who would put the American people in misery and slavery.

I'd dedicate my life to anything and anyone who'd destroy the American dream, opportunity and mobility. Because, of course, the devil loves misery.


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