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My Pet World: How to deal with young, energetic dog who's being a pest

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Dear Cathy,

My son and his 1-year-old dog, a basenji mix, live with us, but he keeps Roxy in his room most of the time when he's not working.

I have a 9-year-old pug who is very meek. We also have a 6-year-old cat that at first ignored Roxy. Roxy wants to play with her, but my cat doesn't want to play with Roxy. She gets mad and chases her and...Read more

Tennessee man finds bears honking horn in his work van

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(UPI) A Tennessee man who heard honking coming from his work van investigated and discovered the horn was being sounded by a pair of burgling bear cubs.

Jeff Stokely of A.S.A.P. Security Systems said he had just left a customer's home in Gatlinburg when he heard his work van's horn sounding.

He looked in the windows and discovered a pair of ...Read more

Confused baby koala takes ride on dog's back

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(UPI) A South Australia man captured video when a confused baby koala hitched a ride on the back of his equally confused dog.

The dog's owner, identified only as Henry, said he let the canine, Tony, out into the yard of his Adelaide Hills home to do his business Sunday morning and moments later he found Tony was struggling to shake a koala joey...Read more

VIDEO: Moose rescued from backyard pool in New Hampshire

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in New Hampshire were summoned to a home where a bull moose found itself unable to climb out of a resident's swimming pool.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department posted a video to Facebook showing rescuers lowering a set of wooden stairs into the pool behind the Bedford home and coaxing the moose into climbing out.

"...Read more

Runaway sheep captured after three weeks on the lam

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(UPI) A sheep that escaped from its owner during a sheepdog demonstration in Tennessee was captured after more than three weeks on the loose.

Phil and Daphne Lakin of Strawberry Plains said the ewe got loose Sept. 9 while participating in a sheepdog demonstration during the annual Middle Tennessee Highland Games and Celtic Festival at Percy ...Read more

Teen swimmers use CPR to revive drowning prairie dog

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(UPI) A pair of young Colorado swimmers came to the rescue of a drowning prairie dog and saved its life with CPR techniques.

Wolfgang Dittrich, head coach at Flatiron Swimming, said the team was practicing at the Arapahoe YMCA in Lafayette when teenagers Teagan Mayer and Grace Keogh spotted the prairie dog at the bottom of the pool.

Dittrich ...Read more

Bull escapes trailer, leads police on three-hour chase in Baltimore

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(UPI) A bull that "doesn't have the best disposition" escaped from a trailer in Baltimore and led police and animal experts on a nearly three-hour chase around the city.

The Baltimore Police Department said the bull was on its way to a Frederick County farm Wednesday when it escaped from a trailer in West Baltimore just after 3 p.m.

Police and...Read more

Escaped pig shuts down highway for more than three hours

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(UPI) Police in Britain shut down a busy highway for more than three hours while officers and firefighters chased a loose pig that escaped from a trailer.

Surrey Police responded about 2:10 p.m. Wednesday to a stretch of the A31 highway in Farnham when a pig escaped from a trailer and ran loose through traffic.

Police shut down the highway in ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Chronic Valve Disease Common Cause of Heart Murmur

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Q: My 7-year-old, 20-pound mixed breed dog has a heart murmur. Her veterinarian thinks it's due to chronic valve disease. What is this?

A: Each time a normal dog's heart beats, it produces two sounds: lub-dub. A murmur is an extra sound, for example, a "swish," as in lub-swish-dub.

In dogs under 45 pounds, the most common cause of heart ...Read more

Horses, ponies run loose on Dallas highways

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(UPI) Drivers on a Dallas highway were surprised to encounter a group of unusual traffic hazards -- horses and ponies running loose in the roadway.

At least one driver on Interstate 35 East and Highway 183 captured video Monday of the large and small equines running loose across lanes of traffic in Dallas.

Texas Department of Transportation ...Read more

Deer rescued from inside clothing store in Italian resort town

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(UPI) Veterinarians were summoned to a clothing store in Italy to sedate and remove a deer that barged into the shop and became trapped inside.

Officials in Belluno province said the deer slipped into the store in the Dolomites resort town of Cortina d'Ampezzo while an assistant was away and ended up disoriented and trapped among the racks of ...Read more

Cougar recaptured after escape from Kansas zoo

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(UPI) A cougar escaped from a zoo in southeast Kansas and officials warned members of the public to be cautious until the animal was recaptured a short time later.

The City of Independence said the mountain lion escaped the Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchell Zoo late Monday morning and members of the public were advised to keep a lookout for the...Read more

My Pet World: Nocturnal cat needs a clock reset

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Dear Cathy,

I have a 7-year-old male rescue cat who has been my alarm clock. When this ritual started, he would whine and wake me up around 5:30 a.m. Then, it was 5 a.m., then 4:30 a.m., and now 3:30 a.m. He moans until I get up and feed him. He always has access to dry food, so I know...Read more

The older sisters love the dog but are having trouble keeping up with him

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Dear Joan: I'm wondering if you can suggest how someone might go about finding a new home for a very active border collie.

My sister adopted Buddy after being asked to foster him through a broken leg. She had no idea how active this breed of dog is. He was 2 then and had been dumped from two previous homes.

She worked hard to socialize him. ...Read more

Dog's close call with swooping hawk caught on camera in Philadelphia

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(UPI) A Philadelphia dog's close call with a swooping hawk in a public park was caught on camera by the canine's relieved owner.

Natalaya Hines said she was filming video of her 17-month-old dog, Sugar Foot, running at Overbrook Park when the hawk swooped out of the sky.

The bird approached the dog, but didn't grab the sprinting canine in its ...Read more

Bear wanders halls of Pennsylvania middle school

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(UPI) Security cameras at a Pennsylvania middle school captured footage of a young bear roaming the halls of the building after popping a window out of its frame.

The footage shows the bear rooting around the hallways of Fretz Middle School in Bradford after shoving its way in through a window.

Superintendent Katerine Pude said custodians were...Read more

Australian Capital Territory requires owners to take dogs for walks

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(UPI) New rules taking effect in the Australian Capital Territory state dog owners could face fines of up to $2,700 if they fail to take their pets for daily walks.

The ACT's Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill, which passed into law Thursday, requires pet owners to make sure their animals have adequate food, shelter and water.

The law ...Read more

Deer jumps over woman at gas station, kicks her head

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(UPI) A customer at a Georgia gas station received a shock when a deer jumped over her, kicking her in the head in the process.

Lynda Tennent posted a video to Facebook showing the moment the deer vaulted over her head at the gas station in Brunswick and one of its legs hit her in the back of the head.

"I thought I was being robbed," Tennent ...Read more

Labradoodle owners defend the breed after creator calls it his 'life's regret'

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Australian dog breeder Wally Conron created the labradoodle for a woman whose blind husband needed a guide dog but suffered from allergies.

But, he said, it "opened up a Pandora's box and released a Frankenstein's monster," MSN reported.

Conron told the Australia Broadcasting Corp. that creating the breed is his "life's regret" because the ...Read more

Designer chicken coops: From chandeliers to AC, how some L.A. owners pamper their pets

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Midcentury Modern architecture and Japanese shou sugi ban wood exteriors. Wall-to-wall block-print wallpaper and shabby chic crystal chandeliers. These are not features on a Los Angeles home tour but the kind of amenities you might find in some of the city's more elaborate chicken coops.

In a city obsessed with design and indoor-outdoor living,...Read more