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Live boa constrictor found in bin of Goodwill donations

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(UPI) An employee sorting through donations at a Goodwill store in Texas made an unusual discovery: a live boa constrictor snake.

Tassy Rodgers, who works in donation processing at Goodwill Industries in Fort Worth, said the albino snake was found in a bin of donations.

"I was tipping this machine, and when I brought the bin back the snake was...Read more

Restaurant offers $100 an hour for puppy-petting 'Puptern'

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(UPI) A Texas restaurant and dog park is seeking a "Puptern" puppy-petting expert to make $100 an hour cuddling with canines.

Mutts Canine Cantina announced it is opening its second location in Fort Worth and it seeking a "MUTTS Puptern" with superior puppy petting skills to make $100 an hour.

The company said in an Instagram post that ...Read more

My Pet World: Obedience training can help with excessive barking

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Dear Cathy,

We have a 10-year-old pit bull who is an excessive barker. People do not visit because the dog never stops barking. The dog is fine with my wife, but if I come into the room where my wife is, the dog barks her head off. We tried giving her commands, but it takes a while before she obeys. Are there any devices that can aid in ...Read more

Can DNA testing reveal the secrets this cat is keeping?

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Dear Joan: I have a feral cat that is blue-gray. Can DNA show the full breed without papers?

-- Marilyn Carscadden, Bay Area

DEAR MARILYN: DNA testing for cats has only recently become available. There are so many breeds of dogs and organizations that have focused on pure breeds, that DNA testing had a wealth of historical data to draw upon. ...Read more

Two white moose make rare appearance on highway

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(UPI) A Canadian couple captured footage of some unusual pedestrians on a rural highway -- a pair of rare white moose.

Maurice Lamothe and Nicole Leblanc said they were traveling on Highway 101, outside the town of Foleyet, Ontario, when they came across the mother moose and her calf crossing the road.

The couple, who captured video of the ...Read more

Police rescue confused kangaroo from rough waters

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(UPI) A kangaroo that went for a swim in rough waters at an Australian beach started to struggle and was rescued by a pair of police officers.

A video recorded by a witness at Safety Beach in Victoria shows the kangaroo hop into the water and start to struggle in the rough waves.

The filmer said the kangaroo, which appeared confused and had ...Read more

Trapped cow hoisted out of construction trench

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(UPI) Residents of a Russian village used construction equipment to rescue a cow that fell into a deep trench.

The video shows the cow trapped in a trench at a construction site in Kunashak, where locals rallied to rescue the trapped bovine.

The footage shows the locals using cables tied around the cow's body as a makeshift harass to hoist ...Read more

Escaped capybara captured in Las Vegas parking lot

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(UPI) A Las Vegas aquarium said its capybara escaped en route to a veterinarian appointment and was safely recaptured in a Target parking lot.

The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium confirmed the capybara, the world's largest rodent, escaped from the aquarium at the Boulevard Mall while it and three other capybaras were being transported to a ...Read more

Cat wakes sleeping owner to escape from fire

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(UPI) Police in New Zealand said a man was able to escape from a fire thanks to his cat jumping on him and waking him up.

Fire and Emergency NZ said a crew from the Gisborne Station was dispatched along with Tolaga Bay volunteer firefighters Tuesday night when a fire was reported on a Whangara farm.

"When we arrived the building was fully ...Read more

New Jersey train conductor rescues dog from the tracks

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(UPI) A New Jersey train conductor stopped railroad traffic and ran out to the tracks to rescue a dog in danger of ending up a cautionary tale.

New Jersey Transit Conductor Howard Kempton stopped train traffic on the Morris & Essex line tracks near South Orange station when he spotted a dog running loose on the tracks.

Kempton removed his tie ...Read more

Escaped rhea bird surprises golfers on British course

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(UPI) Golfers on a course in England captured video when they were confronted with an unusual sight -- an escaped rhea running loose.

The rhea, a smaller cousin of the ostrich and emu, was caught on video running loose on the course at Evesham Golf Club in Worcestershire, England.

Golf club officials said they nicknamed the rhea "Linford" ...Read more

Lion cub seized from apartment in Paris suburb

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(UPI) Police in France said they seized a lion cub from an apartment in a Paris suburb and the exotic animal's owner was arrested.

A spokesman for France's National Hunting and Wildlife Agency said a 6-week-old lion cub was found on a child's bed Tuesday in the apartment in Val-de-Marne and the 30-year-old owner was found hiding from ...Read more

My Pet World: Walking dogs off-leash can stress other dogs, people

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Dear Cathy,

A few months ago, we moved to a community that requires dogs to be leashed while walking. Leash walking has been clearly stated in our newsletter several times. If someone ignores this community rule, they are fined at some point, but I don't know if that has ever happened.

In our previous home, our dogs had a large dog run for ...Read more

Tennessee trappers capture albino raccoon

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(UPI) Animal trappers in Tennessee said they were called to remove a nuisance raccoon and were surprised to discover the animal was completely white.

David Parrish, co-owner of Alpha Wildlife in Germantown, said his team was called to remove some nuisance raccoons from a house in Collierville.

The group trapped the raccoons and were surprised ...Read more

Sea lion blocks traffic on busy San Diego road

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(UPI) Animal experts were summoned to a California road to rescue a sea lion that decided to stop in the middle of traffic and refused to budge.

San Diego Police said they were called about 3:30 p.m. Monday about an animal in the road and they arrived to find the sea lion lying on its back in the middle of an intersection in the Point Loma ...Read more

Ohio police free deer stuck in fence

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(UPI) An Ohio police department shared video of a group of officers coming to a rescue of a deer that had its back legs stuck in a fence.

The Parma Heights Police Department said officers responded to a location in the town where a deer was reported stuck in a fence.

The video shows the officers covering the deer's head to keep it calm while ...Read more

Firefighters cut through ceiling to rescue dog from heating duct

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(UPI) Firefighters in Virginia shared video from the rescue of a small dog that became trapped in a heating duct at its family's home.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department posted a video to Facebook showing the crew of West Springfield's Engine 427 dealing with a situation at a local home.

A small dog at the home had wandered into an ...Read more

Mountain lion wanders into California bakery

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(UPI) Authorities in California shared photos of a mountain lion that gave an employee a scare when it wandered into a bakery.

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Deputy Evan Vaughn said deputies responded with California Fish and Wildlife officials when the juvenile cougar was spotted inside a local business.

The sheriff's office said an ...Read more

My Pet World: Dog thin despite good appetite and playfulness

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Dear Cathy,

Our daughter brought back a dog from Hong Kong about three years ago. She has become our dog now. She's a lovely "village" dog, looks like a dingo, and is about 6 years old.

About 18 months ago, she developed an odor, and we took her to the vet who said it was her teeth. We spent $500 on teeth cleaning, but she started to lose ...Read more

Customs beagle sniffs out pig head in luggage

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(UPI) Customs officials at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said a K-9 beagle sniffed out a roasted pig head in a traveler's luggage.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Hardy, a CBP Agriculture Detector and member of the agency's "Beagle Brigade," alerted officials to the presence of the pig head in the checked baggage of...Read more